2370 - Die Milliardenstadt
The City of Billions
Michael Marcus Thurner

Atlan da Gonozal and his Combi-trans squadron arrive in the system of the Raphanes. There a fleet intercepts them, but the High Councilor Kenton Self (city councilman Kenton Self) quickly recognizes the chance to help Atlan in exchange for Galactic technology to promote the society on Arkan-Raphan.

Meanwhile, the last living Ordin priest, Aheun Arcalotz, proceeds anonymously and confused down to the deepest levels of the Moloch of Adur Bravuna - in search of his mother. He meets up with the Raphane female Hilfi, who helps him through the Shadow realms and in the process wins his heart. The conditions in the city shock Arcolotz, it is so completely different than in the Trivid. He meets his mother, who has fallen on hard times, and the meeting devastates him, but also, nevertheless, strengthens him. He feels that he has the power to improve the terrible conditions in the underground of the city.

Aheun, just like the city councilman wants radical changes in the Raphane society, and Atlan gives the means to both upper class Raphanes. In return, he obtains the Galactics full access to the adjustment pyramids. Thanks to the priest they succeed in penetrating rather quickly to the primary switching room and inspecting the Sun transmitter. The Raphanes also take the shock with regard to the Haluter very well. In order to chance the society’s attitude towards the Haluters, they begin to be portrayed sympathetically on the world’s Trivid programs. This allows the Galactics to have the gentle giants put the switching station under the magnifying glass. Nevertheless, at first only the connection back to the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron is able to be activated. With farther investigations a search party bumps into rainbow-gleaming form energy technology, which stands under the Lemurer pyramids, but can under no circumstances be considered as having been built by the Lemurers. A new puzzle to solve has appeared.

To keep his promise to help the Raphanes’ overpopulation problems, Atlan sends a Haluter ship back to Omega Centaurus on December 10, 1345 NGE. This ship is to carry out a gigantic project there. The planet Kharmuu is to be transferred by the Sun transmitter into the Nagigal system.

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