237 - Die drei Sternenbrüder
The Three Star Brothers
Kurt Mahr


08 2402. Reginal Bell, who commands the solar fleet of the Lost System, sends additional cruisers to Androbeta. These cruisers are fit with super-engines that can cross the 400,000 light years that separate the micro-nebula from the Lost Word. Thus, they don't need the transmitter. When they reach Androbeta, they are confronted to an apparently dead Moby, but actually inhabited by some sort of intelligence existing in three instances, issued from the decaying brain of the Moby. Meanwhile, in the Two-Noses Moby, the civil war is still raging. Atlan eventually decides to blow the Moby up, for fear that their war might attract the Masters of the Island's attention.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On August 10, 2402, a convoy of vessels guided by the BAGALO leaves the Lost System for Andro-Beta. All vessels use a three stage propulsion system. Every stage has a reach of two hundred fifty thousand light years. On August 16 the convoy arrives at its goal. During a reconnaissance flight the BAGALO penetrates into a Moby whose conscience is divided into three personalities because of damage inflicted by bioparasites. The first personality, “Starved”, knows food and how its digestion occurs. The second personality, “Curious”, is able to scan for food in space. The third, “Watcher”, possesses the memory of the Moby. The Terrans try to free themselves from the three brothers, who each maintain them telekinetically as captives for different reasons. The energy balance is destroyed, which in turn causes eruptions inside of the gigantic creature. The Moby explodes after the departure of the BAGALO.

The KHREST II discovers that a fleet of three thousand vessels of the Twonosers (Two-noses) approaches Moby “Tolot”. Rhodan rejects Atlan's proposition to destroy the Moby and the Twonosers living there who hold the critical secret about the presence of the Terrans in Andro-Beta. Based on Watcher’s message, the BAGALO approaches Moby “Tolot” and meets the KHREST. Perry Rhodan and Atlan decide to carry out a diversionary maneuver. Because of its unusual propulsion system the BAGALO is different from the other Terran units and can get in close to Moby “Tolot” without fear of if being identified as a Terran vessel. Fortuitously Perry Rhodan is the victim of a skull fracture and Atlan takes command. The men of the BAGALO, who, as an act of subterfuge give out signals in Maahk code, determine that the Twonoser vessels have not yet landed on the Moby. Instead, they open fire on Moby “Tolot”. When the firing stops and the Twonoser vessels do finally get ready to land, Atlan destroys Moby “Tolot” with Arkon bombs.

Michael P. Mahoney

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