2369 - Quartier Lemurica
Lemurica Accomodation
Michael Marcus Thurner

Arkan Raphan is the only world of the Nagigal system, whose two other worlds were destroyed at some time in the distant past.

In the system live forty-two billion Raphanes, descendants of the Lemurers. There is a small priest caste, which consists of only ten thousand individuals, and lives in the Lemurica Accommodation - the three north pole pyramids, which are the adjustment stations of the Nagigal Trio transmitter. They have substantially better living conditions than the regular people on the planet. The technical understanding of the equipment and its purpose was largely lost over the years, but the Ordin Priest council keeps the rest of the population in the dark about this.

In the five megapolises of the world, which the many billions of Raphanes live in, poverty prevails. Despite enormous robot armies the economy cannot keep up with the population and this misery is aggravated when the hypertechnology begins to suddenly become less efficient or fails completely. The priests manage to hold onto their powerful position under the threat of using the counterpole cannons that they supposedly have control of.

Aheun Arcalotz, born as a nameless child in the megapolis Adur Bravuna, got lucky. His mother placed him in the global lottery and won. Together with approximately one hundred thirty other newborn children, he is taken into the Lemurica Accommodation and grows up there as a priest. He is lazy and interested only in food, but it turns out that he has an exquisite sense of smell and is placed in the kitchen service.

There is rampant intrigue among the priests trying to go up in rank in order to reach Ordin level. Aheun has no interest in that, but is secretly guided up anyway by his supposed lover, who uses him like a lightning rod for her own rise. He manages to survive multiple poisoning attempts and traps due to his sensitive smell and taste senses. After a series of mishaps, Aheun ends up the last Ordin head priest alive.

vThe priests had maintained the ancient histories within their ranks. Despite all the population problems, the birth rate is constantly driven up, because the fear of the Black Beasts is still present, even after fifty thousand years, and rampant propagation is regarded as their only chance for survival.

The Raphanes believe that should the sun transmitter ever activate again, it will mean the arrival of the Black Beasts. And one day, the transmitter does activate…

jerry schneiderman 2007-06-19

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