2368 - Sonderschaltung Tanta
Special Circuit Tanta
Rainer Castor

Atlan delves into his memories for clues to the blocked sun transmitters:

Flashback 1327 NGE

On September 17, 1327 NGE Atlan and Icho Tolot reach the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron on board the DISCOVERER VASCO DA GAMA, in order to prepare the facilities for the announced increase of hyperimpedance.

With reference to the effects of the Formation Emitters to the descendants of the Black Beasts, the high-rank-entitled Atlan manages to convince KHARAG, the central computer of the Psi-Bulwark Steel World Kharag, to at least temporarily accept instructions from the Haluter Icho Tolot with restrictions.

In January 1328 NGE Atlan visits the Cyno Imaginary Sardaengar on Vinara, briefly before the expedition of the VASCO DA GAMA leaves Omega Centauri again.

Flashback 1343 NGE

On October 1, 1343 NGE Atlan on board the EXPLORERE VERACRUZ and Icho Tolot on board the HALUTA III, together with the PONTOON tender ZEUT and four more EXPLORERS of the NEPTUNE class return to the Sun Dodecahedron.

Despite the preparation of the facilities for the hyperimpedance rise, the sun transmitter cannot be put into operation, due to the synchronization of the suns of the Dodecahedron being out of sync.

After the resynchronization proves to be lengthier than expected, Atlan leaves the Sun Dodecahedron on December 3, 1343 NGE with the VERACRUZ to head for the Charon Cloud, which he reaches on January 6, 1344 NGE.

Flashback 1344 NGE

On August 18, 1344 NGE Icho Tolot leaves Omega Centauri with the HALUTA III. On September 2, 1344 NGE he arrives at the Sol system reaches and that same day leaves, now equipped with a Kantor Sextant, to go to Halut. He arrives there October 7, 1344.

On October 11, 1344 NGE, 87,746 Haluters succeed in escaping from the Terminal Column. From various rendezvous points, the Haluters then reach the beacon star OC-1 on November 19, 1344 NGE.

The crew of the tender ZEUT, parked in the orbit around Kharmuu, produces with the plants transition engines for the 88,000 Halutian ships on Khar I, Khar II, Khar III.

After the installation of the engines on board the tender ZEUT at the beacon OC-1 the Haluters can fly to Omega Centauri. They select the planet Tharbana in the Gamac system, 66 light-years away from the Sun Dodecahedron as their new workplace.

Flashback 1345 NGE

On June 3, 1345 NGE Atlan leaves on board the EXPLORER VERACRUZ, accompanied by 4 LFT BOXES, and reaches the Charon Cloud and on July 3, 1345 NGE.

In the Kharag Steel World the workers again and again come upon references to the Special Circuit Tanta. On July 17, 1345 NGE, Atlan visits Sardaengar on Vinara again, in order to learn details about this special circuit. But the special circuit is also unknown to the former High Tamrat.

From June 1-5, 1345 NGE the mobile transmitter platforms MOTRANS-OC1, MOTRANS-OC2 ,and MOTRANS-OC3 reach their locations at the beacon star OC-1, the yellow giant OC-2 and the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron.

For the Combi-Trans mission, Atlan requests, among other things, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder as reinforcements. On October 15, 1345 NGE the two arrive with the PONTOON tender POLARIS XX and the two DISCOVERERS EDMOND HALLEY and VASCO NUNEZ DE BALBOA at the Sun Dodecahedron.

November 20 - December 1 1345 NGE

Atlan succeeds in pointing out its limits to the computer of the Tellox inspection station. But the control world of the Tellox Duo does not offer a possibility of reaching the Nagigal Trio from there. However on Tellox 1 the mausoleum of the Lemurer Jerim Varos is discovered, who was involved in the development of the transmitter routes back in the day at that time. The body carries a bracelet control switch, which Atlan takes for himself.

During the return flight, the Combi-Trans squadron manages to reach the Sun Dodecahedron quicker than expected by means of the situation transmitter MOTRANS-OC1, due to the creation of new calmed down zones. Since the range of the cage transmitters is now sufficient for a direct connection, MOTRANS-OC2 was shifted from OC-2 to the Sun Dodecahedron.

Back on the Kharag Steel World Atlan visits a till now unexplored auxiliary control room in the Etuum switching substation, which is inscribed with "Tanta". With this, he unintentionally activates access to the special circuit of the same name and a self-destruct countdown.

The computer brain gives him a period of two corgon'ty, or approximately 100 seconds, to prove that he is authorized to use the circuit. Atlan inputs the command signal and uses the motto of the Lemurer Jerim Varos, which he discovered in the manís dwellings, as the password: "Oana hu lachab - imprisoned in the body, but not in the spirit".

The command signals and the password are accepted. That countdown is stopped, and now Atlan is finally recognized as fully entitled to command and be given access to the secret data of the ETUUM computer. It turns out that the Etuum switching substation had been completed at the same time as the Nagigal Trio, in the year 50,211 BC.

In the year 50,165 BC, in view of the existing separatist efforts in the single voter Tamanies, the secret organization Tortmon Tenoy Anorrom (TTA) was created. It furnished an additional level of security in many sun transmitters based on the model of the special circuit Tanta. Jerim Varos established the Tellox inspection station for the TTA. The Tellox duo was used for the evacuation of the privileged class.

ETUUM gives the coordinates of further secret sun transmitters (Dadion Trio, Molanc Duo, Perpan Duo, Vengil Trio), of which so far only the Perpan Duo was destroyed by a nova explosion, as was well known.

From ETUUM Atlan receives new data for reaching the Nagigal Trio. On December 1, 1345 NGE the Combi-Trans squadron, strengthened by the mobile transmitter platform MOTRANS-OC3, now christened KAHALO, continues its journey.

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