2367 - Rekruten des Chaos
Recruits of Chaos
Arndt Ellmer

Atlan is brought by Kirkazon to the Convergence Philosopher, and the Arkonide is told the story of his life.

Approximately one and a half million years ago, the race of the A'irones intellectualizes itself. It becomes the new entity Molder of Haardh. The name the intelligence comes from the location of its origin, the star cluster Haardh, in the Formertor star region, on the outskirts of the thickness concentration of the Empress of Therm, near the intergalactic empty spaces. There the inexperienced mental being gets ready to help the people of the region, especially ship that get stranded in space. In the process, it comes upon spacecrafts of the Terminal Column TRAITOR and overlooks the danger which threatens it by the Chaos servants. Before a COMP of the Empress, which is stationed in Formertor can warn Molder of Haardh, it is already is too late. The Terminal Column catches the mental being, just as it does the COMP, and brings both in the intergalactic empty spaces, just as it does the former home planet of the A'irones, A'iron-A'iron. In the empty spaces the geneticists and technical engineers of the Column create the "Integrat" on the order of a True Progress. Over several thousand years, they succeed in integrating Molder of Haardh and the crystal body of the COMP into one being, and in brainwashing this composite being into working for the Chaos powers.

In the meantime, the Chaos servants split A'iron-A'iron into two halves along the equator, altering them into hemispherical worlds like EDEN II or Wanderer. The Integrat feels reminded of the smaller MODULES of the Empress of Therm by their form.

After the Integrat is "turned", it receives the order to establish a Chaos cell in a certain star concentration of several galaxies. This job demands some tens of thousands of years and ends with a revolt of the suppressed people. During the revolt the Integrat ends up in danger of destruction and is shocked back to its right mind. In desperation it flees before the thugs of the chaos powers which fix directly upon his heels when they recognize the betrayal. While the COMP would like to flee to the Empress of Therm, the consciousness of Molder of Haardh wants to go to Erranternohre in order to speak to the Cosmocrats, but on the border of the galaxy the ship containing the Integrat is intercepted by a cobalt blue cylinder. Now the Cosmocrat helpers are also after the crystal being, because they think it is still on the side of the Chaos powers.

The Integrat flees from the ships of both higher powers, but does not find safety anywhere. However, it succeeds in destroying the hemispheric world created from occurred A'iron-A'iron. Finally, Molder of Haardh turns to the Pangalactic Statisticians. It meets with the Statistician Tshi, and he recommends to the being to withdraw to Hol Annasuntha, an area of stars, which formerly belonged to the Ur-Swarm Litrakduurn. The Integrat takes the advice. Approximately thirty-five thousand years before the present, the Integrat withdraws there. To expiate its acts for the Chaos powers, it creates a hypersphere around the world Anghur and now calls itself the “Convergence Philosopher”. The entity listens in the hyperether and saves spacemen in need, starting with a handful of Lemurer and concludes with the Combi-Trans squadron.

The history of the entity ends with that, and Atlan becomes clear, why the Convergence Philospher has acted as it has. And due to his aura of a Knight of the Depth, the Arkonide understands why the Convergence Philospher had feared he was a headhunter of the Cosmocrats. But Atlan can explain to the being that he no longer works for the Cosmocrats, and he reports of his meeting with the Empress of Therm. He also informs the Convergence Philosopher of the danger that now emanates from TRAITOR. The Arkonide suggests to the Philosopher that it take refuge on Terra, but the entity politely declines this; it prefers to flee again. However, first the Convergence Philosopher releases the Combi-Trans squadron and sends it back to the system it had arrived from. Atlan is not happy about that point, but cannot do anything about it.

It is November 20, 1345 NGE, when the fleet suddenly emerges again at the Tellox Duo, but this time beyond the range of the planetoids. Atlan immediately orders them taken under fire, because the sun tap is going again, which hearkens a transmission approaching. It is clear to Atlan that it must be a fleet sent by Cornor Lerz. They succeed in bringing the transmitter field to break down, before a transmission takes place.

Atlan has no idea how close a thing it was. The breakdown of the field took place only six seconds, before a fleet of one hundred Haluter ships were about to try to reach the Nagigal Trio under the direction of Cornor Lerz, from the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron. Because the transmission field breaks down, the action is broken off by the old Haluter.

Meanwhile on the EDMOND HALLEY, Icho Tolot and Medics take care of a new-born Haluter, the child of Elfah Komo who dies shortly after the return to the ship.

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