2365 - Die Drokarnam Sphäre
The Drokarnam Sphere
Christian Montillon

On October 21, 1345 NGE, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder got with a small mission team to Kharmuu, where they carry out further investigations regarding Inday Anuun Drazin. At the same time Atlan and Icho Tolot continue to look for a working sun transmitter passage from Omega Centauri towards the area of Hangay. However, they remain unsuccessful with their efforts.

Atlan is dissatisfied with this and goes to the central Positonic of the steel world and changes his method of attacking his inquiries. Doing so, he discovers a secret project involving an auxiliary control station designated Etuum. Despite his high ranking authority, he initially gains no entrance to it. Only after he succeeds again in “manipulating” the main Prositronic, is he able to penetrate the fist layer of the secret station. But then he suddenly ends up in a labyrinth, since the special Etuum station’s Positronic does not brook exceptions of the authority protocols. Nevertheless, the Arkonide manages to penetrate into the center and receives valuable information about further secret Lemurer sun transmitters. Of these, the Nagigal Trio, which lies 935,921 light-years from Kharag, in the direction of Hangay, appears of the greatest interest.

Meanwhile the two Monochrome Mutants discover the former “prison” of Day Drazin, a Drokarnam sphere. As it turns out, this mental being was released from its mausoleum soon after the hyperimpedance shock, when it was damaged by an explosion. Since that time it has been roaming around the area of the sun Dodecahedron, refreshing itself with the energy of the Psionic net. It is threatened by the activation of the transmitter and does not understand that the Haluters are now peaceful allies of the Terrans, which it thinks are Lemurers. For it the Haluters are still the Black Beasts and the Terrans are Lemuer collaborators. Day Drazin succeeds in taking the two Mutants and their companions as hostages. Afterwards it tries to extort Atlan, but he will not deal with the mental being. Day Drazin is weakened by a sudden activation of the sun transmitter and the hostages get free. After this, Atlan does not want to take more any consideration for the mental being, but Startac, Trim and Icho Tolot convince him of the opposite. Trim goes to the Drokarnam sphere and submits the offer to the being that if it withdraws back into the mausoleum sphere and waits out the transmitter activations there, they will allow it to live. Day Drazin has no choice but to accept the deal.

The connection to the Nagigal Trio actually works, so that on November 1, 1345 NGE the Combi-Trans Squadron goes through the sun transmitter. The squadron consists of the two PONTOON Tenders POLARIS XX and ZEUT, and the NEPTUNE class ship VERACRUZ as well as the three Haluter ships HALUTA III, THARI and AHUR, with 400 Haluters on each ship. Also along are Atlan, Icho Tolot, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder. Command over the sun transmitter is taken over by the Haluter Cornor Lerz.

In spite of the screening by the Drokarnam sphere, which was even more strengthened by HU screens, Day Drazin suffers inexpressible pain. He has decided to keep quiet for now, but nevertheless plans to eventually destroy the Black Beasts and assumed collaborators.

jerry schneiderman 2007-05-07

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