2364 - Unternehmen KombiTrans
Combi-Trans Mission
Christian Montillon

The past: 6296 - 6356 dha-Tamar.

The engineer Inday Anuun-Drazin is happy, for he is being transferred from Lemur to Omega Centaurus. It is a blessing for the averagely gifted engineer, because he is not contented on Lemur any more. However, already shortly after his transfer the boredom catches up to him even on the planet Kharmuu. That is, until he finds out that he is developing Para-abilities due to his contact with the hypermaterial Drokarnam. He can now mentally influence other Lemurers. He therefore collects more and more Drokarnam over a period of years. However, the hypermineral brings not only advantages. With constant contact Anuun-Drazin develops more and more rapidly growing tumors, accompanied by unbelievable pains that can be relieved only by the strongest painkillers. As his premature death approaches, Anuun-Drazin bets everything upon a risky plan and establishes himself a mausoleum lined with Drokarnam. As his body dies, his mind is released from it and continues to live within the hypermaterial. The plan has one unexpected sang to it; he cannot leave his " new body " any more and his mind is caught in place.

The Present, October 12, 1345 NGE.

Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder are aboard a DISCOVERER II, flying into the dangerous Omega Centaurus star cluster. It is traveling along with a second DISCOVERER and a PONTOON Tender. Atlan is leading the mission and not giving out any information on exactly what the mission is about. He fears a hidden penetration by TRAITOR agents.

When they reach the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron sun transmitter, they are surprised. The Haluters are already on site there. Atlan now reveals the plan to the mutants. Kharag is to become the starting point of the Combi-Trans Mission. After using the transmitters here, on Horror and the Gulver-Duo, the RICHARD BURTON is to arrive at the Jiapho-Duo transmitter, only eight hundred thousand light years away from Hangay. As the mutants learn, the planning for this has already been in action since September 17, 1327 NGE. Only Atlan, Perry Rhodan, Icho Tolot and Reginald Bull however knew this. Other people were brought in only bit by bit.

Now, the Haluters begin to test the system and finally manage to get the activation of the Dodecahedron to work. However, for some reason none of the other sun transmitters can be activated. At the same time as the testing begins, a strange phenomenon appears to which a total of two hundred fifty-three Galactics fall victim. They die of spontaneous cell growths, aka, sudden tumor development. Captain Lucinda and his men discover that five dimensional screens protect one against the phenomenon. Trim and Startac find out by experimenting on their own, that the phenomenon is caused by an entity that thinks of itself as Day-Drazin and which fears Trim Marath’s black twin, the being his Para-ability creates whenever he fears threatened to death. They also figure out that the being can only operate within the Sun Dodecahedron.

In old archives Atlan finds a connection with Inday Anuun-Drazin. Moreover, although it is not known, a team of Koda Ariel have penetrated to Omega Centaurus and they now know Atlan is there.

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