2363 - Atem der Finsternis
Breath of Darkness
Horst Hoffmann

On September 11, 1345 NGE the CRULT reaches the Hayok system. On September thirteenth, the expected attack upon Antakur von Bitvelt occurs; but it fails. Since Dantyren warned him, the True Progress made a slow teleportation into an auxiliary control room and replaced himself with a double, which is destroyed by the nano-machines. Algrim Gún, who is subliminally called again into the Dark District, leads the True Progress to the traitorous Dark Investigator. In a face to face duel, the True Progress succeeds in killing the traitor with the help of the faithful Dark Investigators. This fight creates a side effect, which cuts off detection, sight and radio in the Hayok system for ninety-three minutes. The HEALTH VII uses this period of darkness to leave Hayok. It arrives in the sun’s corona, where it dives into the detection shadow.

Starting on September thirteenth, the united fleets of Reginald Bull and the Imperator Bostich I are again operational. The modification of the VRITRA cannons is complete. The two fleets of more than two thousand five hundred ships begin their attack on the Hayok system. They succeed in destroying more than a dozen Traitanks before pulling out without losing even one ship. But that is not more than a pinprick. The Column begins the parceling of the planet Hayok. Due to the attack of the LFT and the Imperium, the HEALTH VII succeeds in leaving the detection shadow, reaching entry speed to linear space and setting off towards Korphyria.

Dantyren is later awarded the rank of Dual Captain by the True Progress. Bitvelt also communicates to Dantyren that he will inform the KOLTOROC, whatever this might be, of the traitorous activities of the Dark Investigator.

Dantyren does not punish Algrim Gún - he in fact promises him the cure of his wife Shysarea and child by the Column Surgeons, as it was recognized that he was an innocent dupe in this matter.

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