2362 - Chaos für Hayok
Chaos For Hayok
Horst Hoffmann

August 18, 1345 NGE: the Effremi Algrim Gún is working his shift in the service castle CRULT. But he has problems, because his woman lies close to death and he can only save her if he rises in rank to be a herald of the True Progress Antakur von Bitvelt and can thereby afford her treatment. He has even good chances of accomplishing this, but then he has to carry out an order near the Dark District and encounters a strangely distorted Column Motivator. After the meeting he "loses" an hour of time.

The Dual Dantyren is also in the service castle. He is stationed directly by the True Progress, in order to give advice with regard to the Milky Way and thereby prove himself. Dantyren suggests moving the CRULT to Hayok to the crystal being to stand there as a sign of power. By chance he discovers how Gún keeps shuddering strangely and cleaning his fur if he enters the center of the Center Circle. The dual orders some Awour to watch the small Effremi.

Meanwhile Reginald Bull meets Bostich I. to submit a suggestion to him. He wants their fleets to come together and give pinpricks, because TRAITOR’S deployment seems to be complete in the Hayok sector, but strangely enough the "utilization" of Hayok is still held off. They cannot anticipate that Dantyren’s suggestion to the True Progress is the cause. Bull wants to use this circumstance and farther delay the "work" of the Terminal Column. Although the Arkonide Imperator uses all his possibilities to tease his "personal enemy", he remains calm. In the end they agrees to fly with altogether thirty-five VRITRA Cannon reinforced ships and several thousand other large ships to make quick run attacks on the fleets of the Column.

In Vhalaum the Fuertone Ethan Endoza is on his way to prison - he is a thief. But on the way the glider is shot down and only he survives, although he is badly injured and just wants to die. When he wakes up, he ends up directly between the fronts of Arkonides and Mor'Daers, only to end up a patient in the Perella clinic. Their chief has made the plan, to repair the ship HEALTH VII together with several patients. The old ship is practically scrap. But in the eyes of the partners it represents a real chance, because terrible rumors are making the rounds on Hayok about Drorah. As a thief Ethan is naturally a potential helper and, therefore he quickly and provisionally healed.

Shortly before the combined fleet of Bull and Bostich wants to set off, it receives news from Terra. There, a certain Dr. Baldwin Carapol has improved the VRITRA Cannon’s performance by twenty percent. In order to effect the necessary changes, the mission is held off.

On CRULT Dantyren figures out it is a plot against Antakur von Bitvelt. He discovers that the Effremi, whose woman dies in the meantime, shakes off nano-machinery every time he enters the Center Circle. He has already let loose two kilograms of the nano-machines, which will be set off as soon as they are exposed to ultraviolet light, and decompose crystal structures of every kind, as Column scientists find out. The Awour discover that the Effremi has been going into the Dark District. Therefore, Dantyren theorizes that the Dark Investigators are behind the plot. But in order to not set off the attack on Antakur von Bitvelt or alert the Dark Investigators too early, he does not inform the True Progress about what he has learned…

jerry schneiderman 2007-04-16

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