2361 - Traumspuren
Dream Trails
Arndt Ellmer

Quinto-Center is now hiding out in the Lagoon Nebula, after its flight from the Portier system. There Monkey awaits the arrival of the TRAJAN. The ultrabattleship is on its way to fetch the Algorrians from Devolter II, because the situation has become unbearable there, due to Dantyren’s knowledge about the USO. In the middle of July 1345 NGE the ship arrives at Quinto-Center. The Algorrians behave as arrogantly as ever, but there is no possibility for the "continuation of their journey", because on August eighth the main headquarters of the New USO also registers the arrival of the second wave of TRAITOR. Monkey is clear that Dantyren will expect the Algorrians to go to Quinto-Center, and the hunt for the base will not give up.

At the Sol system, the RESEARCHER with Alaska Saedelaere aboard arrives only a few hours after the end of the last attack by approximately two hundred sixty thousand Traitanks. When the Peace Driver has reached Terra, the Nucleus is already calling him to a conference, because it has finally evaluated the data which Alaska had brought from Oaghonyr. The mental being explains that Malcolm S. Daellian has been chosen by it to fly with Alaska to Quinto-Center, in order to deliver a message for the two adult Algorrians. The message which is in a tiny spark emitting ball will only reveal itself when Daellian is physically meeting with the two Algorrians. Perry Rhodan feels insulted at first, but the Nucleus reminds him of Dantyren and insists upon absolute secrecy. Moreover, the mental being suggests that Daellian probably will not return to the Earth any time soon. As his deputy, Daellian suggests that Dr. Baldwin Carapol should take over the research tasks in the Sol system. The RESEARCHER leaves the Sol system over LINE 2, and is transmitted to MOTRANS STATION 4.

Meanwhile, more than sixty thousand Traitanks and a Column factory have emerged by the Lagoon Nebula. Monkey orders the use of the Paros-shadow screen, which has not been attempted for thousands of years now. The screen is soon operational with help from Curcaryen Varantir and Quinto-Center is therefore not discovered. One of the Column factories is destroyed by the young Algorrian Carzon Felvedir. The boy had discovered a psi-ability while on the trip to Quinto-Center, which MAJESTY later describes as being a Metalysator: He penetrates the TRAITOR ship over radio signals and destroys it from inside out. His death is assumed; anyway, his body in Quinto-Center dies.

After the TRAITOR ships have departed, the RESEARCHER and Daellian reach the headquarters of the USO and Daellian delivers the message sphere.

After Daellian hears the message, he has the following thoughts:

“I cannot do this. I was not created for such a thing. Do you hear me? I am dead! Dead! How are we supposed to do what we cannot do?"

He and the two Algorrians are supposed to build something in the Charon Cloud, which one cannot build. The sphere inserts a mental block in the three of them so that they cannot reveal their mission to anyone.

After this, everyone’s paths once again separate. Alaska is to bring the technical documents of the shadow screen and the solution to some other problem involving the rise in the hyperimpedance to Terra, while the TRAJAN brings the twelve remaining Algorrians and the Terran researcher to the Charon Cloud.

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