2360 - Die Zweite Welle
The Second Wave
Uwe Anton

On July 26, 1345 NGE, the LFT NEPTUNE class spaceship GALACTO CITY is stationed in the proximity of Hayok. Very little is happening there.

At the same time in the Sol system the research troops of Malcolm S. Daellian are about to comb the SEOSAMH for technology. But Aquinas, the former Cosmocrat robot, refuses any cooperation and says simply that he knows nothing, where it concerns how the technology works, and that the Seven Mighty are not accessible. In order to fins a clue of where to start, Daellian calls in Dr. Baldwin Carapol, a hyperphysics prodigy. The man is initially angry, because his Project Petakalup can afford no delays. Within some days, however, he makes some discoveries, which for the time being are only of a theoretical nature, but may be of use in further improving the efficiency of the VRITRA cannon. Having given them a place to start, Daellian sends him back to Terra, because on August fifth they are going to test out Carapols invention, the Salkrit resonator in the Stadium of the Stars in Terrania: it is a cylindrical instrument, which contains a small quantity of Salkrit and will supposedly support the collector grain of the Nucleus. The test succeeds: the psi-potential of the Globists is multiplied several times. The only apparent side effect is the increased risk of cardiac infarctions in the participants, which does not represent a technical problem for the Terran medical profession.

On August 8, 1345 NGE the feared occurrence begins. Over the hyperradio relays bad tidings reach the Sol system. The space-time structure is being quaked everywhere and innumerable TRAITOR spacecrafts openly appear. Uncountable Traitanks, Skapalm barks, Column docks, TRAI Servicers and Column factories emerge in the Milky Way, along with a fewer number of cloaked ships. At first the Sol system remains spared, while new waves are announced each day from all parts of the galaxy.

On August tenth it becomes the Sol systemís turn. A fleet of 501 Column ferries with 242,484 Traitanks appears, as do two new Column Forts. The assembly of these Forts reaches the point within four days that they can boot up their fractal rip sheaths. After this activation, at exactly 16:35 o'clock on August fourteenth, the bombardment of the TERRANOVA screen by 259,424 Traitanks begins.

The collapse of the screen threatens, so in the greatest of needs Perry Rhodan gives the employment instruction for all the available Salkrit resonators. Eight hundred FILLING STATIONS are already equipped. These stabilize the screen, but only under enormous para-reality effects. However, these effects fade away, after the unsuccessful bombardment is stopped.

The deployment of the second wave continues in the galaxy, until on August fifteenth, the GALACTO CITY registers the arrival of TRAITOR ships at Hayok. There are 2,112 Column factories, 6 Column ENGINES and 17,424 Traitanks. Then there is an unusual sensor reading from Hayok itself and 49 spherical objects rise from the waters of the planet, each with a diameter of exactly 1,624.77 meters. In a ring formation the chrome flashing, dull black objects, which are assumed to be relics of the Oldtimers, leave the world. Intercepting Traitanks cannot stop them, as they accelerate with a speed of well over one thousand kilometers per second squared and vanish into hyperspace.

jerry schneiderman 2007-03-30

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