236 - Im Camp der Gesetzlosen
In The Camp Of The Lawless
William Voltz


The Terrans are used for some time as farm workers. Eventually, Rhodan makes them rebel against the upper races. The Terrans take advantage of the civil war to get back to the Khrest II and escape from the Moby.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Perry Rhodan and his men reach the camp of the criminals (rebels). Hidden in a provision train transporting food to the upper floor, the Terrans and rebels penetrate into the domain of the dominant Red-Noses (Trunks). During the journey Rhodan hears talk about the problem of the bioparasites that the Two-Noses (Trunks) use like food.

The Woolver twins sabotage some power stations and cut the energy flow to the middle floor thereby misleading the militaristic Blue Noses (Trunks) into attacking the Red Noses (Trunks) who control the energy facilities of the gigantic creature. The Terrans give the Moby the name "Tolot". Garko the Strong, the chief of the White Nose (Trunks), sends a military force toward the upper floor. He frees his remaining Terran prisoners and seizes a train. The White Noses (Trunks) and rebels occupy the energy stations in key positions throughout the Moby. At the time of a conference with the masters of the castes, Rhodan places Garko and his son, Larkaat, a chief of the outcasts, as the leaders of a new government of the Twonosers. He also decides to resolve the parasite question.

On 16 August 2402 the KHREST II leaves the Moby “Tolot” after having destroyed the facilities producing the beam that had captured it.

Michael P. Mahoney

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