2359 - Das Stumme Gesicht
The Mute Face
Micheal Marcus Thurner

Kirmizz remains in hiding in La Untique, but the Ay'Va are still on his heels, as are the Peace Drivers. The pilot of the Chaotarcs contines to regenerate and regains his power bit by bit. At first he does not succeed in taking over the Hauris via mental dislocation, but his abilities increase over the course of days - and, finally, he manages to take over the Hauris "in time". Then, from a Kartane that he had taken over in the radio tower, Kirmizz succeeds in sending out a radio message, which is directed to his ship, the SARI BANDA. While this message is caught by the Peace Drivers, they cannot decode it.

While Kirmizz is carried around in his hiding place, by a snail like Uhm, through the city, he notices Polm Ombar, but dos not succeed in taking over the Examiner. But he succeeds with Cosmuel Kain, or at least, he is able to affect her, but cannot draw much information from her.

Some time later, he receives a message from the SARI BANDA, in which the two robots of the ship announce that they are coming to retrieve him, without saying exactly when. Kirmizz has regained enough force at this point to penetrate the headquarters of the Ay'Va.

Because the Peace Drivers want to catch Kirmizz and free Cosmuel, Shala penetrates the base of the Ay'Va and switches off the protection screen that surrounds the facility. The Peace Drivers use the LIGHT generator to weaken Kirmizz farther. He is also attacked by Alaska Saedelaere. It comes to a duel between Alaska’s Cappin fragment and Kirmizz. Alaska lets his mask fall, while Kirmizz reveals his mute face.

The two combatants are strongly weakened by the confrontation, and the pilot of the Chaotarcs threatens to be defeated and fall into hands of the Peace Drivers. Polm Ombar paralyzes him, but at the last moment the SARI BANDA, which cannot be kept away by the OREON Capsules of the Peace Drivers, intervenes and saves the pilot. Cosmuel Kain lies fallen in the middle of the duel, but she surprisingly survives without damage, although she has seen Alaska without his mask and has heard the mute cry.

The Peace Drivers escape destruction by the SARI BANDA when Kirmizz orders his robots to shoot, because the damage to the ship’s artilleries has not been completed yet and cannot be fired.

Kirmizz now knows about the Peace Drivers, but assumes that they likely do not work for the Cosmocrats. Because the Peace Drivers fear retaliation on the part of the Chaos powers, Camp Sondyselene is wiped off the face of Vibe-Lotoi on August 8, 1345 NGE. Some time later a Chaos squadron appears and puts the mountain in which the camp had been into rubble and ash.

The Peace Drivers separate. Kantiran and Cosmuel who is declared a Peac Driver after this mission, and only lacks her initiation ceremony, want to allow themselves a little time off to lick their wounds, while Alaska Saedelaere proceeds to Terra to inform Perry Rhodan about the current situation. Ejdu Melia and Auludbirst want to continue investigating the border area of Hangay, while Shala and Ombar fly back to Ellegato.

Kirmizz, for his part, pushes the events to the back of his mind in order to concentrate on his upcoming duties. But he still wants to pay back the mask bearer for his defeat…

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