2358 - Pilot der Chaotarchen
Chaotarc Pilot
Leo Lukas

Kirmizz is on the run, but he retreats quickly from the Kartanin leisure park to search for a quiet place somewhere in La Untique, where he can sort his regained memories. However, it is clear to him that he requires some kind of painful stimuli to help him focus this process. Using the city’s sewer system he comes upon an animal trainer, Sgisg Rotker, an amoeba like being that he mentally affects and orders to take him to his kennel. Together they build an instrument of torture with which Rotker is to torment the designated Chaotender pilot. Once installed in the chamber, Kirmizz dives into his memories.

Kirmizz returns to the period when he was being trained in the XIX Cosmitat, the same one Gon Orbohn had betrayed. The Cosmitat leads him to believe at first in a memory of youth which never actually existed, but the student eventually sees thru the charade. He also suffers from experiences of Déjà-vu, where suddenly remembers things that he has never learned; he also hears a voice speaking in his head. He succeeds in taking up contact with this voice: It belongs to Untha Myrre, the former owner of his body. Untha was a student in the XX Cosmitat, but the XIX Cosmitat stole his, deleted his memory and created Kirmizz in the mind of the artificial body. But a fragment of Myrre remained in the body, and now turns into Kirmizz’s "secret weapon". Some time later he discovers a classmate during a search for information about his "predecessor" Gon-Orbhon. It is the hydrogen breather Faro Nuun Jasper, who is being trained as a Mighty of the Cosmocrats and is much farther advanced in his training than Kirmizz. The two extort the Cosmitat in order to be able to continue training together. Kirmizz also finds out that he is supposed to have an accelerated training program by order of the Chaotarc Xrayn, because the Chaos powers are looking for a pilot for the Chaotender VULTAPHER, which is still to be built. It becomes clear that the Cosmitat is standing under great pressure after the failure of the training of Gon-Orbhon and therefore had implemented two orders in parallel, one for each of the two higher powers.

After a long education within the Cosmitat the two also go on outside tests, each in his own space yacht. Kirmizz used the SARI BANDA, while Faro Nuun Jasper who is nicknamed FNJ, has the AMD ENOFE; among other exams they exterminate whole races. Only once do they pull the shorter straw, during a confrontation with Xpomul’s Champions.

After this, the two trainees each receive the news from the Cosmitat about the accidental death of the other. But the two see through the lie. Moral tendencies are activated in each and it is now clear to the two that they are no longer friends, but deadly enemies. So the two get down to trying to exterminate each other. The two possess Para-gifts. FNJ is a dimensional converter, while Kirmizz possesses the pain call and is a mental dislocator, like Gon Orbohn was. After they almost destroy the Cosmitat, they search themselves out a dwarf galaxy in order to face off in a final duel. Everything seems to indicate that the future Mighty and Cosmocrat servant FNJ will win, but the Cosmitat has foreseen this development and manipulated FNJ’s ship, so that Kirmizz wins. The Cosmitat justifies this measure with the fact that the two of them were about to destroy each other and the Cosmitat needed at one to survive.

Some time later there his training ends and Kirmizz uses the SARI BANDA to fly to Hangay. Shortly before he reaches the galaxy, a shock of some sort hits the ship and Kirmizz loses control over it and crashes.

Then he once again experiences the events on Halie-Loght after he had awoken with amnesia, in fast motion. It becomes clear to him that he has to find the SARI BANDA again.

After he awakens from the torture, he kills Rokter, who had learned that Kirmizz was being searched for and wanted to betray him.

jerry schneiderman 2007-03-16

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