2357 - Camp Sondyselene
Camp Sondyselene
Michael Marcus Thurner

Cosmuel Cain and Kantiran have reached Vibe-Lotoi, after a small dispute about the location for Camp Sondyselene, with which Kantiran overrides Cosmuel, who feels it is too risky. She then proceeds with the construction, while Kantiran continues to fantasize about her. Once the secret base is established, a group of other Peace Drivers arrive to judge Cosmuel’s work, among them Polm Ombar, Ejdu Melia and Auludbirst. The judgment falls positively, with only the choice of location, in a mountain valley near the capital, being criticized. Kantiran takes responsibility for the decision and defends it. He later turns out to have been correct in it.

Ombar then reports on news from the Milky Way, received from the Devolter II railway station. He reports about VULTAPHER and the Seven Mighty from another universe, of Kirmizz and also Dantyren. This news is a heavy blow for Kantiran, although only very little actually connects him to Roi Danton. Still, blood is thicker than water...

At the same time Kirmizz, who still suffers from amnesia arrives on Vibe-Lotoi in a Hauri ship. In contrast to his expectation, he was not bothered on the ship, even though it has not escaped him that Ushekka craved his Lytrila crystals. Leaving the ship, he engages the dubious taxi driver Cajanthas as a tour guide and chauffeur to drive him through the capital, in search of danger, because only in such a way, he recognizes, can his buried memories be jogged back to the surface.

When Alaska Saedelaere appears unexpectedly at Camp Sondyselene, he reports about the SARI BANDA and the "cargo" Kirmizz. Put together with the information that the Polm Ombar brought, an astonishing chance thereby arises for the Peace Drivers. They are sure that Kirmizz is in the Lazaruu star cluster. They resolve to immediately begin the search for him. Cosmuel Cain is told to set up a search plan for them as a continuation of her initiation test.

Before the search can begin however, half of a Chaos squadron appears under cover of dark fields over Vibe-Lotoi and covers the planet with a "search radiation", but departs again having seemingly found nothing.

While this goes on, Kirmizz experiences the dangerous situation requested by him, in a "leisure park" for Kartanes. But the Ay'Va, the most important Hauri organized crime cartel, is now after him, because of the hypercrystals. To Kirmizz the rabble on this world is all scum, and it is more and more certain for him that he is meant for higher things. HE also feels that he stands well above the "normal" living beings of this planet.

The Peace Drivers, who had taped the specific characteristics of the search radiation split up and approach the most important worlds of the star cluster. Kantiran and Polm Ombar proceed to the capital to search there, while Cosmuel Cain stays behind in the camp and scans the radio traffic for anything peculiar. She learns about a person called Naigon who the local mafia is after, however, Ombar is of the opinion that this Naigon is unimportant, although it is the only track that Cosmuel Cain can find.

In the capital the events come to a head, as Kirmizz is attacked by ten assassins from the Hauri mafia. They are under the influence of a drug that even makes them resistant to the pain call that Kirmizz can generate when in the highest need. While hundreds of Kartanes die from the pain call, the Hauri, indeed, survive although they are slightly slowed down, so that Kirmizz can escape into a survival game area. While making his way through this area, killing the following Hauri one by one, he regains his memories, although they are still in a confused order.

Polm Ombar and Kantiran realize immediately, after Cosmuel reports about the dead Kartanes that this can have been only the work of Kirmizz, and that they had made a mistake. However, now they follow up on the lead.

The matter is not over for the Hauri mafia either. They no longer care about the hypercrystals. It is now a matter of honor that they kill Kirmizz, or Naigon, whoever he is...

jerry schneiderman 2007-03-06

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