2356 - Schmerzruf
Pain Call

In the market of IL-Vuccash, one of the star cities of Hallie Loghts, two Katranes are wrangling over a deal on December 18, 1344 NGE, when they are interrupted by a mysterious noise. In a dead end between several containers one of the Kartanes, La-Kira, discovers a confused being, who is very largely, blue skinned and naked. They cannot communicate with each other. When the foreigner approaches, panic seizes the other Kartane, and he pulls out an emitter, but La-Kira stops him. With the help of a gas filled ball, which he hurls at the stranger, he knocks the man out. Afterwards the two Kartanes sell the unconscious stranger to the Incassis Karaus Msirako. He is owner of a bauxite mine. There the foreigner awakens on December 19. With the help of Ingittz Zaul he learns the Kartane dialect Kartasch, the main idiom used in the Lazaruu star cluster on the edge of the galaxy Hangay, extremely quickly. Zaul calls the newcomer Naigon, which means something like "mysteries", because Naigon does not possess any memories. But Naigon feels that he is not supposed to be there and plans an escape. The only problem is the exploding slave collars that cannot be forced off. In the course of days and weeks Naigon learns that he possesses a Para-gift, recognizing that he can split his consciousness in fragments and send them off to affect other beings. This makes his stay in the mine becomes more bearable, since he can manipulate the overseers.

When a mine collapse occurs on January 17, 1345 NGE, Naigon is trapped, as is Zaul. There is actually no hope to be had, but Naigon’s mind flies off and causes Msirako to save the two. During this crisis Naigon remembers his real name, which is Kirmizz! Msirako goes broke with this rescue and sells the two slaves to the pirate Tschaek Sparr, a Kartane. He sends his slaves into the radioactively contaminated desert of Foor to hunt for Lytrila – a type of hypercrystal -in the area of the Prion of the Mutants, who rules the desert with his mutated subjects. After several months it comes to a meeting between the Prion and Kirmizz. The Prion, a suggestively talented Hauri, is subjected to a psionic duel, when he tries to affect Kirmizz. The Prion and all of his minions die in the duel, except for his guard dogs, which run away. But since the Prion had attacked the camp of Tschaek Sparr before attacking them, Kirmizz and Ingittz Zaul are now free men. The date on Hallie Loght is now March 16, 1345 NGE.

Meanwhile, in the Rosella Rosado Kantiran Rhodan meets with the new Peace Driver Patron Chyndor calls, who informs him that a station is to be set up in the Lazaruu star cluster in order to keep an eye on Hangay. Kantiran suggests that the task of setting up Camp Sondyselene become the initiation test for Cosmuel Kain. Chyndor warns him against forming a personal relationship with her yet, since she is not yet an initiated Peace Driver. After the Oracle considers the request and agrees to it, a small fleet of OREON Capsules including the THEREME, the RESEARCHER and the ship of the Examiner Polm Ombar makes its way with several stopovers to the last stop before the Lazaruu cluster, where their paths separate. On July eighth the THEREME reaches the star cluster with three OREON transporters, and the two people orient themselves, whereby Kantiran leaves all the work to Cosmuel. She selects the locally important world Vibe Lotoi for the base, and on July twelfth the two make their way towards that world.

During this period, the two ex-slaves go to IL-Vuccash, where Kirmizz expects to find information about himself, but is disappointed. The two men thereupon decide to leave and take a transition spaceship to the world Vibe Lotoi, but the Hauri owners reject them, because they do not have enough money. Therefore, the two remain in IL-Vuccash for the time being, where a critical incident occurs on July twentieth. The dogs of Udafoor, wolf-like animals, which had once served the Prion as a "body guard ", seek out Kirmizz and Zaul, trapping them. When the animals fall upon the two men and kill Zaul, Kirmizz discovers another of his para-gifts. The front of his face “splits” open and a second face inside emits the pain call, a psionic wave, which kills all life around him. The animal, which were previously resistant to his mental control fragments, are affected by the pain call. After they are dead, Kirmizz’s face closes up again. Kirmizz retrieves the Lytrila crystals hung on the dogs’ collars and is not able to buy passage on a Hauri ship. Two days later, on July twenty-third he leaves Hallie Loght heading for Vibe Lotoi.

On July twenty-eight, the RESEARCHER’S computer MIRKET informs Alaska Saedelaere, who is hunting for clues to the SOL’S current location, about a detection that a probe had made on December 18, 1344 NGE in the periphery of Hangay. Eighteen thousand light years removed from the Lazaruu star cluster there was an unknown ship suffering with engine problems. The ship was using technology far superior to anything used by the Galactics. When the mask carrier decides to approach the ship, two Chaos squadrons suddenly emerge. The RESEARCHER goes to silent running and listens to the radio bands of the Chaos ships. Thus the Peace Driver learns that a cargo ship of the Chaos troops, the BANDA SARI, is missing. It was transporting something called Kirmizz. After a while the squadrons leave, having not discovered the ship. Alaska Saedelaere thereupon immediately leaves for the Lazaruu cluster, in order to inform Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain about his discoveries.

Cedric Beust 2007-02-22

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