2355 - Die Ressourcen-Welt
The Resource World
Arndt Ellmer

Floating in space, Jaghiro Ackan is found quickly enough, so that he can be reanimated. When he has recovered, he participates in the utilization of Xoelyar and Drorah. Meanwhile, altogether two thousand one hundred twelve Column factories are in the Blue system, and they form a complete operation fleet.

Meanwhile, Taje Karoon-Baal’s small resistance group continues visiting a series of hiding places. On August 25, 1345 NGE innumerable miniature obelisks again arise from the twilight zone and distribute themselves all over Drorah. They mark the corner points of three-dimensional areas which enclose twenty-one by fifteen kilometer of acreage and pass several kilometers into the ground. These plots are separated by fog-like barriers from remainder of the planet. Taje’s group is in such a plot when all these areas are shifted on August 28 and become partially dematerialized. They are literally cut out from the planet’s surface. The rest of the planet is destroyed and the raw materials of the debris are processed for other uses. The Terminal Column is particularly interested in the Psi-matter which is inside Drorahs. The plots from which cabinets of the Chaotender VULTAPHER are to be formed are stored in hyperspace with the help of the energy released, where they are to be farther altered and developed. It is exactly the same thing that happened with Xoelyar.

On account of their Para-gift, only the Column geometricians are able to find their way about the hyperenergetic chaos of the Proto-cabinets and prepare them for their subsequent treatment. After his recovery, Jaghiro takes part in this process. He also comes in further conflict with Arfyss E'lhacc, who continues to try to kill him. Finally, in a factory inside of a Proto-cabinet it comes to the final battle of the two combatants. At the last moment, Jaghiro succeeds in killing his opponent. However, he himself is badly injured in the process and loses consciousness. This is how Taje and his people find him. Although they have just become a witness of the destruction of their home planet, they spare the Column geometrician. They want to transport him to their apartment, but are paralyzed by Jaghiro’s paramour, who approaches in the protection of a dark field.

Jaghiro returns to his tribe. They honor him as the best Column geometrician of his generation. The Matriarch betrays to him the reason for the conflict between him and Arfyss: in rare cases Oahm'Cara are born in which the wild heritage of their ancestors reawakes, giving particularly strong Para-gifts. Arfyss and Jaghiro were two these special Oahm'Cara. Ovo Ynshuune, Jaghiro’s lover, is the single female Oahm'Cara to possess the Geometrician's sense, but will soon lose it. She is to replace her own tribe’s current Matriarch, who will soon die – and Jaghiro is to become a brood father of her descendants …

jerry schneiderman 2007-02-14

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