2354 - Kolonnen Geometer

Jaghiro Ackan is a Column-Geometrician in training. Like all Column-Geometricians he comes from the race of the Oahm'Cara. The Oahm'Cara live, divided into tribes, in TRAIGOT Factories. Ackan’s tribe lives in TRAIGOT-1982, which forms a Sequin Doar together with sixty-five further TRAIGOTS and twenty-two TRAICAH Factories as ordered by the Column.

One day while Jaghiro Ackan is on his way to search for old historical data on the Oahm'Caras in the central archives he is pursued by another trainee by the name of Arfyss E'lhacc. Arfyss is always trailing after him, although Ackan does not want to have anything to do with him. After chasing Arfyss off once again, Jaghjiro is about to call up the data, but is interrupted by a message from the factory’s main center. In this control room of the factory a Kalbarone of the Mor'Daer has received a message. The message indicated that a new Nega-goal was set and the Sequin Doar is taking course for it. This is wonderful news for Jaghiro Ackan, because the last Nega-goal lay innumerable generations in the past of the now living Oahm'Cara. And the "Problem" of the Column-Geometricians is it that they become active only at such goals due to their special psi-ability the ‘Geometricians sense’. Otherwise they have no function in the factory.

The Nega-goal is close, but it is unclear just how close. Thus the training continues, until they finally reach Hangay, which is the Nega-goal. In the meantime, Ackan is being subtly hounded and attacked by Arfyss E'lhacc for no understandable reason. The Geometricians do not become active in Hangay, but only spend a while (nearly decades) there, because the first wave of the Terminal Column is late. During this time Ackan learns more about the local group, as the star islands call themselves in short. To his fright, he learns that the inhabitants once defeated the Dekalog of the Elements, a “quick response group” of the Column.

At about this time, the hyperimpedance shock begins, which also affects the machinery of the Column units, although not as massively as the technology of the Hangay races, whose interstellar space travel practically comes to a complete halt. The members of the Column see a Cosmocrat influence in this act. In response to a question to his teacher, the new Geometrician learns that it would require probably at least a True Progress, but probably rather a real Chaotarc, to reduce hyperimpedance again to a normal value in even a local diameter of the almost three million light-years wide range of the Nega-goal.

The work order for the Sequin Doar finally arrives. It is in the target area of a galaxy named the Milky Way, which is under the control of the Dual Captain Zerberoff, and the first Dark Obelisks are installed there. They are the points of reference for the work of the Column-Geometricians. Their first destination is the Akon system. Here they plan to work on the moon of the main world Drorah. It is to be subdivided into plots. Altogether six hundred and twelve thousand plots will be developed from the "best" worlds of the Milky Way. With their INTERDIM-Multidarts the Column-Geometricians are to begin preparing Xoelyar as a test subject.

However, just before they are to begin this, Jaghiro Ackan falls into a trap prepared by Arfyss E'lhacc and “dies” frozen in outer space…

jerry schneiderman 2007-02-06

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