2352 - Griff nach Drorah
Grasping For Drorah
Hans Kneifel

The Akon Empire is firmly in the grip of the Terminal Column. Drorah has been occupied by Mor'Daers, and all the council members are either dead or underground. There is no government, and the population must improvise to survive. Since the proclamation of the TRAITOR DIRECTIVE the society and economy in the Blue system is rapidly going downhill. Only the remnants of the Energy Command are giving resistance and arranging violent battles with the members of the occupying forces and they take no consideration for the civilian population. On July 26, 1345 NGE Solina Tormas dies during one of these battles - she is present as an innocent bystander when a glider falls and she is lethally injured. Her commander Jere tan Baloy, whose ship the LAS-TOÓR was forced to land on Drorah after the proclamation of the DIRECTIVE and was condemned since then to idleness and boredom, cannot save Solina. Her death and the cruelty of TRAITOR awaken feelings of hate and the wish for revenge in him.

Jere and some other of his ship’s crew are visited by Dorn Tevomor. The leader of a protest movement has for approximately nine months had a mysterious package in his possession, which the Ma'tam of the Akon Council had handed over to him before being killed. Jere, Eniva ta Drorar and the other former crewmembers of the LAS-TOÓR examine the object. It turns out to be an impulse sender for more than four thousand explosive charges which have been put in all the important locations on Drorah. When Jere tests the device, he unintentionally destroys a high tech factory along with the native workers inside it. Not wanting to repeat such a thing, he requires full access to the functions of the device, but this is possible only with a code from someone in the Energy Command. Eniva has recently tracked down almost absolute proof that an Energy Command agent, Taje Karoon-Baal, has been in a nearby rehab clinic, since having suffered some major injuries on a mission.

Eniva plays the bait, so that Taje can be kidnapped. However, once caught he turns out ready to voluntarily help Jere’s group and even join it. With Taje’s E-Com code Jere has the capability to destroy any of four thousand four hundred nineteen target objects on Drorah, as he wishes. And he receives the opportunity to try this when the Dark Obelisk takes up its real work August second. A three kilometer thick dome-shaped zone of absolute darkness appears around it and emits impulses which have a suggestive, disorientating and painful effect. Dorn, who has already been protesting for days on the plaza before the council palace (however has been ignored), loses his life due to these impulses. Jere tries to blow up the council palace, in whose vicinity the obelisk stands, but the impulses of the signal giver evidently cannot penetrate the twilight zone. Jere then chooses another target: A tower in which the Column geometricians, who only recently arrived on Drorah, are. The attack is successful: the tower is completely destroyed.

Jere’s people cannot be glad for long, because during the very same evening twenty gigantic objects materialize in the Blue system. Fourteen of them are Columns ferries which have thousands and thousands of Traitanks aboard …

jerry schneiderman 2007-01-18

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