2351 - Die Gefallenen Mächtigen
The Fallen Mighty
Uwe Anton

Aquinas promises Perry Rhodan the history of the Seven Mighty, but the Resident must first practice patience, because the Mightys must first get adapted to the new Strangeness values of the standard universe. Iakes seven weeks, until on July 23, 1345 NGE, the yearned for call finally arrives from the badly damaged SEOSAMH. During these seven weeks more FILLING STATIONS were put into operation. Now there are three hundred and forty-five of them distributed about the whole Sol system.

Perry Rhodan, who together with Gucky, Mondra Diamond and his adjutant go to the SEOSAMH which stands in Mercury’s orbital path, now learn the history of the Seven Mighty from the universe Eud'y Asor Jaroso from Nuskoginus.

Sixty million years ago:

Eight governors lead the fortunes of their home galaxy Eudoccia. The eight people from the race of the Gyshania want peace in their star island. Besides the hydrogen breathing people whose civilization is highly progressed, there are some oxygen breathers that keep giving problems. While the eight are holding one of their discussion groups, which are held every eight years in the Castle Oquaach, movement comes to the black spot, which is also called the Oquaach Cathedral, above the planet. This strange irregularity which has circled circles the home world of the Gyshanians since prehistoric times and around which legends and predictions swirl, suddenly opens up. Out of it comes a cobalt blue cylinder of two hundred meters length and fifty meters of diameter. This ship comes undone from an object of one thousand one hundred and twenty-six kilometers of diameter and approaches the castle of the governors. Suddenly a humanoid formed robot appears in the castle and presents itself as a Srivonne, an emissary of the Cosmocrats. He announces that seven of the present governors are being appointed as Mightys. One of the eight governors present, Inkendyare, is not trusted by the higher powers, so she was rejected.

The Seven leave the castle and go with Srivonne, who controls the step without distance covered, into the black spot. There each of them is consecrated and receives a SOURCE BEARER. Each of these is a reflection of the object in the black spot and consists of crystallized Psi-matter. With these, they spread life and intelligence in their universe for ten thousand years. But all seven suffer from pricks of conscience with regard to Inkendyare. Therefore, each of them separately return to their homeland and support their former road companion, giving her access to a Physiotron to extend her life. But one day the CALL comes and they go to meet on the PLAIN. There they are reprimanded by Aquinas the infallible, a robot of the Cosmocrats that has been assigning them their orders. It forbids further Physiotron treatments. The Seven give in to this demand. This decision hits Nuskoginus the hardest, as it turns out Inkendyare is the mother of their many children and grandmother of their innumerable grandchildren.

But this does not bother Inkendyare as hard, because she has received a visit from Condeziz, an oxygen breather. He came on order of KOLTOROC and promises her eternal life on the superintelligence’s behalf. In return, she is to organize a meeting with the Mightys, if they happen to show up again at Farner Aly. And Eudoccia is to become a gigantic shipbuilding galaxy. Traitanks should be manufactured here in gigantic number. Certainly, Inkendyare feels a certain hypnotic influencing by the being that is titled a Herald, but she hangs too very much onto her life, for her to judge it as negative. The Seven Mighty also fall under the spell of the Heralds, which they take with them aboard their SOURCE Bearers. They now sow and promote life like that of the Morgotha Aldaer, also known as the Mor'Daer. Eventually the Cosmocrats catch onto what is happening. Srivonne kills Condeziz takes Inkendyare’s immortality. Then he CALLS the Seven Mighty to the PLAIN and kills the Heralds. Once this is done he renders judgment on the Seven Mighty. They are punished with an endless torture. Aquinas will now serve the Seven, as a punishment for not noticing the problem earlier.

The next sixty million years, up to the present day in 1345 NGE:

Encased in a preservative medium, the Seven Mighty fly under torture through the multiverse with the SEOSAMH, as they come to terms with their “life”. They pursue the Terminal Column TRAITOR for more than sixty million years and determine its exact structure. Then in January 1345 NGE, their attention is steered by a supposed group of renegade Dark Investigators to and Perry Rhodan. The Investigator also gives them to understand that this group within the group of the Dark Investigators wants to form resistance against TRAITOR.

The report from the past ends with this. After Rhodan agrees to give them asylum and try to help them gain freedom, the Mighty reveal the aim of the Column in the in the Milky Way and the other resource galaxies. They are to serve as a resource for the building and the crew of a Chaotender. This Chaotender, the VULTAPHER, is to take on the protection of the Negasphere appearing in Hangay.

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