2350 - Das schreiende Schiff
The Screaming Ship
Uwe Anton

Since May 23, 1345 NGE Perry Rhodan has sped up work on the SCARABS, so that a successful breakthrough with the hyperperforation can succeed. Forty-eight of the ships were fitted out with crews that are particularly resistant against Strangeness effects. Then on May 25th Rhodan penetrates together with Gucky into a new wormhole, but it is not a success, because the gate into a foreign universe breaks down too early.

Then on May 27th Perry Rhodan receives the news of his son Michael’s destiny. However, this message which arrives over the new LINE 2 of Project BACKDOOR on Mercury does not let his hope fall. There is always hope! The message was sent over so-called MOTRANS Platforms, which are made of seventeen joined together LFT-BOXES and represent a mobile giant transmitter suitable for long-distance flight which can send through spaceships up to size of heavy cruisers. Suns serve its energy source.

At midnight on June 1, 1345 NGE, the night sky appears anew over the worlds of the Sol system. For this purpose two thousand artificial suns were lit and exposed at the range of Uranus’ orbital lane. The "star formations" are specially designed, one showing the new logo of the LFT which was introduced at the fiftieth anniversary of the Solar Residence. The population of the Earth is inspired by it. On that same day the news reaches Perry that eighty-five FILLING STATIONS are in operation, while the goal of the Nucleus of the Monochrome Mutants and Homer G. Adams lies at four thousand FILLING STATIONS. That many are needed, for the 1.43 billion people demanded for continuous operation. Even in view of this number Rhodan does not doubt that his Terrans will manage it.

From Malcolm S. Daellian comes the report that with TRAITOR’S next wave, he expects two thousand three hundred and four Column Forts with at least one million, one hundred fifteen thousand one hundred thirty-six Traitanks. He has determined this on account of the "twisting" of the Forts at an angle of seven and a half degrees.

On June 4th the DAEDALUS, the SCARAB which Rhodan uses, is back in operation. This time it succeeds in making its way all the way through the hyperperforation tunnel, but the wormhole then disappears, and the ship is caught in a foreign universe, surrounded by a "pulsating" Strangeness. Something is going wrong there, as is clear to Rhodan. He heads the DAEDALUS for the ship which he had seen already once through the opening of the wormhole. It turns out to be an eight thousand eighty meter long, four car unit. Gucky receives very strong, painful "shouting" telepathic impulses from it and so coins it with the name of the "screaming ship", which seems to suffer from the changing Strangeness. But the SCARAB manages a docking with it, and the two immortals penetrate into the foreign ship. Gucky locates the mental source and teleports as close as possible to it with Rhodan. In a one hundred meter high, and just as thick "bell", which Gucky esperns to be the "Hall of the Mightys", they come upon the newest Seven Mighty. These are methane-ammonia breathers, as can be figured out from the atmosphere of the ship.

The Mightys Deltoro, Unscrow, Dumgard, Karrillo, Kafug, Konferge and Nuskoginus are stuck in "coffins", preserved in the material Ysalin Afagour. Perry Rhodan immediately remembers the Ysalin Magran in which the two Algorrians Le Anyante and Curcaryen Varantir were preserved for ten thousand seven hundred years. However, with Ysalin Afagour there seems to be a component which causes torturous pain to the preserved beings.

Over telepathic contact it turns out that these Seven Mighty had committed a betrayal to the forces of Order in their universe and are paying for it with this captivity in an endless loop of pain. This punishment can be ended only if the Mighty stand by the Terrans against the Terminal Column, with which they had already had direct contact in their universe. That's why the Seven asked their servant the robot Aquinas, to create a connection to the Sol system whose coordinates they had somehow gotten. Gucky and Rhodan visit this robot. He explains to them that a barrier prevents the durable construction of a wormhole. Rhodan recognizes immediately that it must be the TERRANOVA Screen. Due to this, the side effect of constant Strangeness changes is being produced which pull the SEOSAMH, the four parts of the ship into damaging itself. On the question of whether the SEOSAMH is a ship of the Mighty the robot gives him a negative answer. The SEOSAMH is no SOURCE BEARER – which are spherical ships with a diameter of one thousand one hundred twenty-six kilometers (which corresponds to the diameter of a spore ship) - but only a ship which the Mighty Nuskoginus once received as a present from a race that he had helped out.

Perry Rhodan comes up with a plan. With the next wormhole he returns to the Sol system and immediately orders all forty-eight SCARABS to go through the wormhole. Thirty-one ships manage to break through. They take three parts of the SEOSAMH, namely SEOSAMH SHIELD, SEOSAMH ACCOMMODATION and SEOSAMH WAREHOUSE in tow with tractor rays and pull them through the wormhole, while the fourth part, SEOSAMH WORKSHOP, keeps the wormhole stable.

The three parts enter the Sol system on June 7th, together with the Seven Mighty and Aquinas, the robot. He announces that the Mightys will contact Rhodan once they have adapted themselves to the new Strangeness values in this universe and report on their history.

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