235 - Die Kaste der Weißrüssel
The Caste Of The White Trunks
William Voltz


The Two-Noses are divided in three races, identified by the color of their two snout-looking noses (red, blue and white). Rhodan makes believe to the Red Noses (the upper race) that the Terrans came from a planet in Androbeta and have just discovered space travel. Deeming them as primitives, the Red Noses send them into the deep recesses of the Moby, with the White Noses (the lower race).

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The crew of the KHREST II is brought by train to work on the lower floor of the Moby, the living area of the despised and oppressed White Nose (Trunk) caste. The Terrans hear talk of a Two-nose group that is rebelling against the caste system.

Icho Tolot and Melbar Kasom escape. The twin Woolvers ensure the communication link between them and the prisoners. Shortly afterwards Perry Rhodan, Atlan and fifty other crewmen succeed in escaping with four Twonoser outcasts.

Michael P. Mahoney

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