2349 - Wurmloch ins Solsystem
Wormhole In The Sol System
Hubert Haensel

On April 8, 1345 NGE the Microtom-Hunters respond to an emergency. Two hundred ninety-six Dark Capsules have broken through the TERRANOVA Screen. But the majority is easy prey for the new special fleet, which consists of small globes. This fleet was ordered built after the assassination attempt by the Micro-Beasts, and its first deployment is considered a full success. The few Dark Capsules to get through are destroyed by other fleet units.

On the other side of the screen they are in the dark about what has happened to the Dark Capsules. Against his better knowledge Zarmaur holds the Koryphen responsible for the screen still being up and demands better results. His heads are also on the line and he can only pass on this pressure. The Koryphen turn to initially making further attacks to take new measurements, because the Terrans will make changes to the screen.

In the Sol system they come to the certainty that the wormholes that keep developing in different locations within the Sol system must be forming due to the interaction of the crystal screen and the Column attacks. During one occurrence an outdated Syntron probe that used to help steer weather control over the Earth disappears into the wormhole. They are certain that the probe was not destroyed. Afterwards Perry Rhodan orders two specially prepared probes sent into the wormhole, and one returns again, on which strong Strangeness effects are to be measured. In addition Rhodan receives highly secret information from Atlan in the Charon Cloud.

On April 20, 1345 NGE Rhodan personally goes with a SCARAB on an exploratory mission into a new wormhole. The ship comes under strong Strangeness effects, but Perry keeps control of the ship. When the other end of the “tunnel” is to be recognized as nearly reached and a strange ship is noted there, the wormhole begins to break down, and the SCARAB has to turn back.

On the Earth meanwhile, there are protests involving the TERRANOVA FILLING STATIONS. This culminates in the TERRANOVE-GLOBE, a self-governed peoples organization, which consists of active “volunteer donors” to the FILLING STATION project and other activists that organizes the use of the donors. Homer G. Adams, who at first maintains a rejecting attitude towards this organization, is worried about whether the organization can guarantee the necessary positive attitudes of the volunteers and an increase in output by them, but is pleasantly surprised by their results. In addition Perry Rhodan receives a dossier from the TERRANOVA-GLOBE leadership, which concerns “dreams” by the donors, whom all report of a double solar system with a white and an oranges sun. It is the system, which is to be seen through the wormholes, which has been kept a secret till now.

On May 16, 1345 NGE another emergency occurs. The full alarm is given for the Sol system, because six Traitanks break through the screen, but the homeland fleet, aided by a fragmented PRAETORIA succeeds in destroying the ships. They succeed due to the seventy-two VRITRA Cannons, which could be built from the documents received from Atlan. The losses of the Sol Home Fleet amount however, to nearly four hundred ships, a relatively high blood price.

Zarmaur is again infuriated, but still gives the Koryphen one more chance. On May 23, 1345 NGE, a hole is made in the crystal screen big enough to let through an entire Chaso squadron. Together with the AULYZ-33 of the Koryphen the breakthrough is sure to succeed.

As this breakthrough attempt begins, Perry Rhodan goes again with the SCARAB into a wormhole. Inside it, they find the foreign ship and try to make contact, but the Strangeness effects disturb the radio. A strange spaceman appears and has the vanished Syntron probe “in tow”. But before contact can be made, the stranger’s ship is destroyed by the Strangeness effects, as is the stranger himself. The ship must have been equipped with high level technology and it turns out that the “spaceman” was a robot. After this disappointment Rhodan turns the SCARAB around and leaves the wormhole.

It turns out that all but three of the Chaos squadron ships and the Koryphen ship, which had been accompanying the squadron were destroyed when Malcolm S. Daellian was able to activate the new LORETTA tenders 97-108 at the last minute and restabilize the TERRANOVA Screen. The last three Tritanks are blown apart by VITRA Cannons.

jerry schneiderman 2006-12-05

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