2348 - Quarter Phillips Sehnsucht
Quarter Phillip’s Longing
Quarter Phillips Sehnsucht

On February 10, 1345 NGE the final game for the Solar Football Championship is played on Terra. On the LORETTA Tender 22 Quarter Phillip and its colleagues are at battle with their technology fight at the same time. The sun tap is not correctly adjusted and eating away at the Salkrit dangerously fast, so that a spontaneous deflagration threatens. At the worst time possible, the next attack by the Chaos squadrons begins, but with heroic efforts Tender 22 remains on station, but Phillip carries off a heavy thigh injury and receives immediate shoreleave at home. Meanwhile Perry Rhodan receives the report that the Microtom hunters will soon be operational.

After the latest Chaos attack is over, the Nucleus asks for a crisis conference. There the entity informs the people that things cannot continue as they have been, for the continuing attacks is weakening the energy being and prevents it from growing. But the Nucleus also has good news - during the final game of the championship, there was a boost in latent psi-energy output everywhere on the Earth and in the solar system, but particularly in the area of Terrania. The mental being makes it clear that this positive energy was delivered unconsciously by celebrating humans. Therefore an experiment is to take place - in Magellan Stadium.

Right after his arrival on the Earth, Quarter Phillip happens to get involved in the project and meets the Blue Gueryliihitz, as well as the old Terran Yorg Alnas. Yorg grumbles about "those people up there", mourning for his daughter who had been lost in a spaceship loss, but nevertheless he participates in the experiment, which becomes a full success. Homer G. Adams explains that a small part of the Nucleus, a “collector grain”, will come and shift the volunteers into a mild Hypno-Trance, in order to generate a beautiful vision, and deliver the developing energies to the Nucleus. The test is outstanding, and even helps repel another attack by the Column. The process is supposed to be harmless for the volunteers. It awakens the longings of those present, and although it is draining for the volunteers, they are all inspired and make themselves available again, when the next test comes up.

Before this can take place, however, there is another attack by the Chaos squadrons. In a deep shelter Quarter Phillips meets a scientist who loses his nerve and warns of ESCHER. ESCHER is dangerous, and must be switched off. The man is immobilized by Medorobots and removed after the 'all-clear' signal, as Phillip observes.

The experiments in Magellan Stadium continue, and the press coins the term FILLING STATION for this kind of delivery of psi-energy, which is very quickly picked up everywhere.

The attacks of the Chaos troops continue, and with one of the attacks by the Chaos squadrons PRAETORIA measure a strange phenomenon close to Jupiter. Scientists call it "hyperperforation". It is a kind wormhole in space-time, which in the worst case could be used for a penetration from outside. On the "other" side of it, two suns are to be seen.

On the other side of the TERRANOVA screen Vice-captain Zarmaur gets new support by the column race of the Koryphen, which is close to becoming extinct. These kraken like beings possess outstanding scientific abilities. Their knowledge towers above that the Ganschkares. Thus the Koryphen make a remarkable discovery after some weeks: in certain ranges it is possible to weaken the TERRANOVA screen in such a way that small objects can get inside it, although it is strongly stressed that the passage for these objects does not come without consequences for both spirit and technology. The first attempt is prevented by a strong hyperstorm that continues for a week, but then the employment for four hundred Micro-Beasts in just as many Dark Capsules begins.

On the Earth, where it is meanwhile already the middle of March 1345 NGE, the first negative effects of the FILLING STATIONS show up, while two further stadiums have been prepared. The process can apparently promote both depressions, and awaken longings that become addictive, as the brain develops reactions, which are similar to those caused by the intake of LSD. This endangers Quarter Phillip, but a discussion with a psychologist is interrupted by a new attack by the Chaos powers, before he can be dismissed from the tests. And this time, his spirit gives in to its longings, killing him in the process. Phillip notices this happening, but before he dies, he sees himself floating before two suns, which is something he had longed for.

This last attack sees the breakthrough of two hundred ninety-six of the four hundred Dark Capsules, as the Koryphen reports to Zarmaur.

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