2347 - Die Heiße Legion
The Heat Legion
Christian Montillon

After the events in Qoor the RESEARCHER is on its way to the Rosella Rosado system for the plenary assembly of the Peace Drivers. But frictions rule on board the Capsule. Kantiran would like to urge Chyndor into the leadership role of the Negasphere Action Group (NAG), but he withdraws and locks himself in his cabin after some heated discussions. Alaska Saedelaere considers Knatiran to be acting impulsively, even if he does fundamentally share his opinion. Since the flight will take some months, Perry Rhodan’s son turns to the fourth passenger of the RESEARCHER, the Cyno Cosmuel Kain. He wants to get her inducted into the secret organization as a novice. On the way to the central system of the Peace Drivers the woman learns to command the language Thonisch, one of the basic conditions for admission as a Peace Driver. Kantiran also informs her about the Heat Legion, while he is falling in love with the Cyno. Naturally he cannot bring himself to admit this, still thinking of Thereme.

They finally reach the system, and the incomprehensible happens. The Heat Legion focuses on Cosmuel Kain and disappears with her. Is she an enemy of the secret organization? Kantiran cannot believe it. Arriving on Rosella Fumato, he immediately makes contact with the Oracle and announces a murder! But the central computer puts him off. Meanwhile the date is May 3, 1345 NGE, and a discussion with Polm Ombar does not bring Kantiran a success. And it is now time for the plenary assembly.

Kantiran wants to borrow the vector helmet to use it to follow the Heat Legion, but Alaska counters that he will use the helmet to direct Kantiran. With the RESEARCHER they leave the system, only to turn directly around and return. Alaska then actually succeeds in picking up the trail of the Legion. It leads to the Chapel moon, which is a taboo area.

They then return as the plenary assembly begins. The advocates of the NAG are numerous, and as Kantiran finishes his speech which relentlessly opens the eyes of the Peace Drivers, the scene becomes tumultuous. This only ends when the Patron Borgin Sondyselene climbs to the lectern and makes it clear to the whole assembly that any of the Peace Drivers who wish to renounce the credo of non-interference in the matters of the higher powers of Order and Chaos are free to leave the organization. He leaves the Peaces Drivers a day to consider whether to stay or go. He then ends the first day of the meeting.

Meanwhile Kantiran learns that the initiation of a new Peace Driver is to occur that night and uses the opportunity to get to the Chapel moon. There Alaska and Kantiran again follow the Legion, which comes to each initiation ceremony, and find the residence of the Legion. It is a crashed spaceship, the YRKADA, which is built from the same material that the OREON capsules are made of, but which is much larger. The ship, which is buried under debris, fell two thousand five hundred years earlier, heavily damaged. It is a battle ship from the navy of the LIGHT OF ANCESTOR, nearly destroyed with the fight against the Negasphaere of the Lord of the Elements. The two learn all this from the Heat Legion, which shows up in a golden projection in the shape of Cosmuel Kain inside the ship. The Heat Legion had once been the Cyno crew of the YRKADA, and after the crash they were somehow transformed into the Heat Legion, losing a majority of their memories in the process. With its contact with the Cyno Cosmuel, many of their memories returned. Now the Heat Legion does not want to let go of Cosmuel Kain from their midst, because they want her to help them find the rest of their memories. But Kantiran explains the situation to them, along with the fact that the Heat Legion must stay and continue their duty to the Peace Drivers and let Cosmuel Kain go to find her own destiny. Before the Heat Legion agrees to it, they want to make sure Kantiran is telling the truth. Kantiran and Alaska will have to wait where they are, but meanwhile May 4 starts, along with the second meeting day.

While this is going on, Chyndor is unhappy because he had to not tell his friends the truth of how he feels. He makes his way to the forbidden moon, on which the Enthones and Varia withdraw, by way of the transmitter in the caverns of the Ellega Palace. He goes there totally conscious of violating this prohibition to see the Patron. He relentlessly reveals that he and the Examiner both stand on the side of the NAG. It is time for the Ethones to set down the reins of power; the Negasphaere threatens everything, including those who want to hold themselves back. The ancient Enthone finally recognizes the signs of the times. On the next day, before Chyndor can place himself openly on the side of the NAG, the Patron opens the meeting instead and resigns. It is time for reforms and the Enthones will not stand in their way. The Heat Legion is also present and sees the words of Kantiran, who still waits on the chapel moon with Alaska, confirmed.

Under these circumstances the Heat Legion sets Cosmuel Kain free again. By May 10, Chyndor is selected the new Patron, and Kantiran becomes one of the 11 Guarantors. On May 11, the OREON Capsule ETERNITY launches with Borgin Sondyselene on board, who wants to fulfill his last desire: He is going to find the Lady Samburi Yura, his daughter who he once lost to the Cosmocrats. He is leaving, never to return, and many thousands of OREON Capsules form an escort out of the solar system for the former Patron and joint founder of the secret organization.

jerry schneiderman 2006-11-20

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