2345 - Im Clateaux der Zeiten
In the Clateaux of the Times

Alaska and Kantiran manage escape from the inferno on Trakarat and their return to the RESEARCHER, with the assistance of the Springers. The four passengers of the OREON capsule then immediately head on towards Ubanquar, or Gbts/2555620, as the current designation goes. They have hope that its actual name twenty million years ago was Oaghonyr. Only Curcaryen Varantir is skeptical, as is his nature.

It turns out, though, that it really is the planet they are looking for. First the searchers discover ARCHETIM’S STRONGHOLD. Alaska and Varantir look around there, while Kantiran goes on the search with the Schohaaken Mengo Soffix for the Clateaux of the Times.

Alaska and Varantir determine very quickly that the STRONGHOLD reaches into the higher continuums and that they cannot penetrate very far into it without danger of dying. Meanwhile the two others discover the Clateaux. Back together the four encounter a kind of whirlwind, which they identify as a guard. While Alaska undertakes the task of diverting the being, Varantir states that the Clateaux did not really outlast the twenty million years. The psionic loading of the complex relies upon the reciprocal effect with the psi-components of the Incarnations, which it accommodates. In return, the Incarnations cannot be accessed and thereby “heard”. If the sealing is undone, time will catch up to the Clateaux and it will begin to disintegrate.

With the help of MIRKET and other machinery of the Capsule, Varantir develops a machine, which shuts off the sealing effect. The Incarnations become accessible again, but the rapid decay of the Clateaux and the Incarnations begins at the same time. While Alaska continues to divert the whirlwind guard, Mengo begins to check the Incarnations. But he has no real success with the stories. Varantir comes upon three Incarnations of Algorrians that he tries to access. Two of them will not respond to him. The third Incarnation is a Potential Architect by the name of Fendérlen Kószondyr. On behalf of the superintelligence ARCHETIM he had constructed a special suit. The first success with it was the creation of a so-called vector helmet. The technical designer of the whole thing was a Gorgerain Varantir.

Curcaryen does not manage to complete the historical lesson, because events get in the way. The guard caught Alaska and snatched him into some strange dimension. Varantir believes Alsaka to be dead, but the mask bearer in fact still lives. He was snatched by the guard, who calls itself Alparaxxon Dawning, into a continuum between hyperspace and normal space. The Incarnations have served Alparaxxon Dawning as anchors in normal space, but now that they are dissolving, the anchors are being lost and Alparaxxon Dawingin is dying. It turns out that Alaska, who has a special connection to this being, due to his Cappin fragment, can also serve as an anchor for a while.

Alaska, who Alparaxxon Dawning releases again, comes up with a plan to lead the being to ARCHETIM’S STRONGHOLD, where it might be able to survive in the higher dimension, into which the homestead of the superintelligence leads.

While Alaska leads Alparaxxon Dawning there, the other three try to access as many of the remaining Incarnations as possible, but they learn nothing helpful. Nevertheless, they still experience a surprise. When the two "inactive" Algorrian statues dissolve, they leave behind two obelisks, which do not throw a shadow. It thus turns out that the Cynos also seemed to be working with ARCHETIM. This might be a new trail to follow.

Alaska and Alparaxxon Dawning succeed meanwhile in reaching the entrance to ARCHETIM’S STRONGHOLD. There, Alaska must pass through the dimensional barrier, in order to save the higher-dimensional being. He gets caught in the interstitial space, but Alparaxxon Dawning returns his help, because it turns out that a vector helmet lies behind the barrier. With this helmet Alaska succeeds in orienting himself in the higher dimensions and finds his back into his reality. Curcaryen "permits" Alsaka to keep the helmet, which his ancestor developed millions of years ago for the superintelligence.

Thus the searchers leave the former homeland of ARCHETIM. Only time will tell whether the whole mission is to be rated as a success or failure.

jerry schneiderman 2006-11-06

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