2344 - Die Rebellen von Trakarat
The Rebels of Trakarat

The Dick recovers enough energy and speaks to the people on the Isla Bartolomé. It makes the fact clear to them that there is only one way to get rid of TRAITOR: The emergence of the Negasphaere must be prevented or cancelled. Then the Terminal Column will lose interest in the local group and leave. The Nucleus does not know, how this plan is to be carried out. It had inquired in vain some time ago with the Pangalactic Statisticians. But there is someone that was involved in such a so-called Retroversion of a Negasphere: ARCHETIM, the dead superintelligence, whose corpse rests in the sun Sol. It is possible that some of the Incarnations in the Clateaux of the Times on the planet Oaghonyr, ARCHETIM’S seat of power, contain the answer. However there are two problems: Nobody knows where Oaghonyr is, and the Incarnations only pass on their memories to members of the same species that they were made from.

Alaska Saedelaere questions NATHAN, but the moon brain does not know the position of Oaghonyr. NATHAN suggests however, that the information might be found with the Báalols, because the Antis have for thousands of years collected and archived all kinds of old myths, legends and information. The second problem can be easily solved, because many Schohaakes live on Terra. It is also known that the petrified version of SpiceDicks are also to be found in the Clateaux of the Times - and if anyone can really know, how a Retroversion is to be introduced, then it will be a Potential Architect. Thus Alaska Saedelaere, Kantiran and the Schohaake Mengo Soffix leave with the OREON capsule RESEARCHER to first go to the Devolter system, where they collect the old Algorrian stinker Curcaryen Varantir. In return, his pregnant mate Le Anyante, who stays with the next generation of Algorrians on Devolter II, ten children in the meantime, access to the technical machinery of the peace driver station there.

After this, Alaska and Kantiran use a container of hypercrystals to acquire passage on a Springer ship to Trakarat. A strained situation prevails there, because a Column-Fort is stationed in the Aptut system, and some families of Koda Ariel are active on the central world of the Antis. When Alaska and Kantiran arrive, the Cappin fragment of the mask bearer suddenly becomes violently active. The reason for this is experiments by a group of Báalols led by Amba Vatony. This group possesses some of the mysterious IPEV Psikolon suits, with which the Antis can enormously strengthen their psi-forces. Amba Vatony has a sky high plan. He believes that the Antis in a psi-block are strong enough to take over or destroy whole units of the Terminal Column. He wants to use power to release the Milky Way from the grip of the Terminal Column and thereby earn the Antis the respect and power they deserve. While Alaska and Kantiran receive permission to scan the archives and search for the galactic position of Oaghonyr, twenty-one Báalols led by Vatony actually manage to bring the crew of a Traitank under their mental control. Amba Vatony and his people succeed in entering the Traitank and steering it towards the Column -Fort. They want to destroy the Fort with the weapons of the Traitank. But then the Báalols succumb a psi-attack by a Column Motivator on the Traitank. The Column-Fort then blows up the Traitank anyway. A second Traitank takes Amba Vatony’s estate under fire in punishment – while Alaska and Kantiran are in a vault under it with Vartony’s wife. World of Warcraft'son escapes, but Diablo seems to be caught by the flames from the explosion. At the same time the Cappin fragment begins to blaze. As his consciousness fades, Alaska has the impression, as if it is eating away at his face...


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