2343 - Dantyrens Qual
Dantyen’s Agony
Hubert Haensel

The physical union of Roi Danton and Yrendirs into the Dual being Dantyren is completed. But Danton’s consciousness struggles against the fusion into the Singular intellect. Yrendir is not strong enough to force the fusion. Rhodan’s son remains himself, although he suffers unthinkable mental tortures. He deceives his tormentors, as he seems to fall into madness. During an interrogation he reveals information - but he feeds the Chaos servants false information. In the meantime, Danton’s Laboraten claw is killed by his overpowering mental resistance.

Meanwhile Zerberoff proceeds to the service station CRULT, which is still surrounded by the remains of the Strangeness effects. The Dual Captain justifies his actions to Antakur of Bitvelt with the slow course of the conquest of the Milky Way. The True Progress accepts that the difficulties have been caused mainly by the incorrect information supplied by the Dark Investigators. Zerberoff is praised for his method of approach and confirmed in his position as a leader of the Terminal Column in the Milky Way. However, the True Progress does not fulfill his wish to receive Dantyren as his assistant instead of the unloved Malikadi. Instead he agrees to let Dantyren join Zerberoff in addition to Malikadi, once Davntyren is proven a viable Dual. Antakur of Bitvelt is still too weakened to intervene individually in the battle for the Milky Way, but he can calm Zerberoff with the fact that reinforcements consisting of several Chaos squadrons is already on the way.

Zerberoff sufferers strongly from the Strangeness effects ruling on the CRULT and wanders around the enormous terraces of the space station. In doing so, he comes to the direct vicinity of the Dark District, which is the accommodation of the Dark Investigators. To his surprise, he is beset upon by a group of Awour head hunters who are apparently just leaving the Dark District. The humanoids clearly want to murder Zerberoff. The Dual Captain beats off the attack using the endogenous torture. The survivors avoid the interrogation, by biting into poison capsules. Zerberoff is disturbed, however, does not find out how and why it has come to this attack on his life. He does not anticipate that the Dark Investigators are also active elsewhere: They transmit a radio message to a Terran probe, which is encoded in an ancient Arkonide naval code from the time of the Great Empire. This message, which Reginald Bull views in horror, is a holo-movie of the Dual Dantyren...

Meanwhile, Dantyren is brought to the service station. The High Medokogh of the LUCRIFIR, Imarit Enkaraqon, accompanies him. Danton is to get a fresh and particularly strong Laboraten claw directly from the source, because only in the Singular intellect, can he develop the paranormal forces typical for a Dual being. Jothadún, on account of his intuition, receives the task to observe Dantyren and take care of him. The Effremi recognizes that Danton’s feelings could be the lever with which his spirit can be broken. He suggests that some more Terran prisoners be brought to Danton. However, the Column Anatomists go one step further: They torment and kill some of these Terrans before Danton’s eyes. Danton’s fury grows to boiling over - and by this psychological load now merges his spirit with Yrendir’s into the Singular intellect.

Enkaraqon cannot be glad for long about this success, because Dantyren unexpectedly immediately develops extremely strong Psi-forces (the process usually takes weeks or months); he might be the strongest Dual being that has yet been created by the Column Anatomists. And Roi Danton’s spirit is still evidently free and in control, because he kills the High Medokogh and some Mor'Daers with the endogenous torture. After this, Dantyren alleviates the sufferings of the still living Terrans using the endogenous pleasure, as he tries to commit suicide by overextending himself. Jothadún also suffers terrible tortures, but survives. Dantyren is brought back to life by the Column Anatomists, and presumably his cell activator chip. It is now possible that the new Laboraten claw has begun to affect him. Jothadún believes in recognizing that Dantyren has now finally appeared – which would mean that Roi Danton’s independent existence is ended.

This assumption appears to be correct, for on May 25, 1345 NGE, a Chaos squadron appears where Quinto-Center has been staying hidden until now. The only place they could have gotten this information was from Roi Danton. However, because Reginald Bull had already warned Monkey, the headquarters of the New USO was already moved to a new location.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-10-23

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