2341 - Die Ratten der JERSEY CITY
The Rats of The JERSEY CITY

The Charon Cloud is a thorn in the eye of the Terminal-Column. Therefore, a plan is developed to infiltrate this area of retreat of the Milky Way races. The Dual Deputy Captain Krotkav captures the Terran battleship JERSEY CITY in March 1345 NGE, to murder the whole crew and use the ship to penetrate unidentified into the Charon Cloud. He knows that there is a research base of the Terrans and Arkonides on Jonathon. He wants to infiltrate this base with one hundred twenty micro-Beasts and six families of Koda Ariel. The JERSEY CITY makes contact with a structure dolbe using a holo-simulation covering Dual Deputy Captain Krotkav with the original captain of the ship and flies together with the dolbe into the structural drift on April 7th. The Charonii are made pliable by Column Motivators. The advance to Jonathon succeeds in this way without problems, as the Terrans have no suspicion of what is happening.

But two crew members of the JERSEY CITY have escaped discovery: the Terrans Cleo Yelvington and Vabian F. Baertling were occupied at the time of the ship’s capture deep in the supply shafts of the ship with the removal of vermin. At one time the two were supporters of Gon-Orbhon and married. They had been Luddites at the time and lived in a primitive hut. Cleo had given birth there to a child, but the child died due to her not knowing how to care for him. Vabian had taken the fall and in Cleo’s eyes left her in the lurch, which she still blames him for. This conflict has been more than annoying during their time on the ship and led to them being stuck with the dirty work in the water supply system in the JERSEY CITY as a disciplinary measure.

When the ship was captured using a paralysis beam, they were knocked out in the tube system. Once they recover, Cleo and Vabian develop a plan to foil the intentions of Krotkav. They block the weapon controls of the battleship and prepare the radio communication system of two space jets so that they can warn the Terrans on Jonathon at the proper moment. The plan only partly works, because before Cleo's radio message can be entirely transmitted, Krotkav activates the protection screens of the JERSEY CITY and thereby cuts off the end of the message. Johnathon only receives the part of the message saying that the ship should be refused landing rights.

Because he is not able to fire at the base on Jonathon because of the blocked weapon controls, Krotkav feigns a runaway reactor and steers the two captured ships back into the structural drift. At the same time he sends the micro-Beasts on the hunt for the saboteurs. Reginald Bull, who does not know what he should regard of the strange maneuvers of the ships, decides not to shoot directly at them.

Cleo and Vabian must prevent Krotkav from using the ships for a second infiltration attempt or getting the captured dolbe and information back to the Column. When the micro-Beasts find and are about to attack them, they blow explosives in a suicide bombing. It completely destroys the two ships.

jerry schneiderman 2006-10-11

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