2340 - Zum Tee bei Jonas Untergang
To Tea With Jona’s Fall
Uwe Anton

It is February 14, 1345 NGE and in the Charon Cloud the LFT base Jonathon is well on the path of development and growing. In the midst of this lives the hyperphysicist Delmar Shettle who suffers from a lack of self-confidence. He works with his team on the refinement of the VRITRA cannon, a development of Aktakul da Urengoll, the Ka'Marentis of the Crystal Empire, who is now the head of the base’s administration.

Jonathon is a rather stormy world with a gravity of 1.2 G’s. A dismantled LFT BOX serves as the "capital" there, Photon City. In addition an area containing four valleys was settled. Altogether four hundred thousand Galactics already on Jonathon and more are constantly arriving. The LFT and the Charon Corps are indefatigably on duty, ferrying people and material into the Charon Cloud. Since the middle of September there have been more than two hundred battleships, fifty super-battleships, forty LFT BOXES and other tenders and transport units brought into the relative security of the Cloud by the special abilities of the Charonii. And now Reginald Bull has also arrived with the LEIF ERIKSSON II.

On February 17, 1345 NGE, Shettle and his team manage to destroy a Traitank in a simulation, using a modified VRITRA cannon and the clenched force of transform cannons from ten DISCOVERERS. On account of this theoretical success Aktakul calls Bull, who has been cruising nearby, to Jonathon. Bull decides on the installation of a live copy of the cannon, which has up till now only existed in the biopositronic simulator, on the LEIF ERIKSSON II.

Radek Beibel is also running around on Jonathon. The former security chief of the Whistler Company is still after the spy that cost him his job with Whistler. Beibel even has the blessing of Perry Rhodan to do so, and he uses this to track the spy down. He has pursued his prey to Olymp and now to Jonathon. He is a cybernetist on Shettle’s team.

In April the VRITRA cannon is mounted, and Bully plans a real test. Shettle is strongly requested to join the flagship of the LFT, as a specialist. Shettle, who suffers from a fear of heights, is not very happy, but he has no choice because he realizes it is about he survival of mankind. He becomes completely ill when he realizes that Bully wants to test the cannon by attracting a Traitank with a fake emergency call of a cruiser, so that the LEIF and a DISCOVERERS and attack it.

When it is time and the fleet has reached the border of the cloud, events take an unexpected turn, because the AUBERG, an incoming ship, sends them a real emergency call. Bully immediately changes plans. The AUBERG is to be taken in tow to bring it into the Charon Cloud by one of DISCOVERERS while the rest prepare for trouble.

As expected a Traitank appears. The LEIF succeeds in destroying it with the new Cannon, but they still lose four DISCOVERERS. Shettle becomes the hero, because only with his last second modifications, does the VRITRA cannon manage to get through the fractal rip sheath.

Meanwhile, Beibel succeeds in unmasking the spy, who it turns out is an Akone. But the spy has recognized the sign of the times and no longer works for the Energy Command, but for the Galactics, because one thing is clear: Only working together can the Galactics hope to fight against TRAITOR.

Back on Jonathon Shettle, who has won enough self-confidence after this mission, asks a woman that he has long had a crush on out that evening “tea with Jona’s fall”…

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-10-01

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