234 - Wachkommando Andro-Beta
Watch Command Andro-Beta
H.G. Ewers


Rhodan leave Troja with the Khrest II on an exploration mission. After visiting an ice planet, where strange hallucinogen crystals grow [note from Cedric : these hypno-crystals will appear again in another cycle where they will have a great importance], the Khrest II approaches a wandering Moby which doesn't seem to react to their presence. It turns out most of the Mobies are dead, and their "dead body" is used as homes by a race called the Two-Noses. They are almost humanoid and are the main people of Androbeta. Using a powerful tractor beam, the Two-Noses capture the Khrest II and all the Terrans.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The KHREST II accompanies the PROMETHEUS III (which must give a report to Reginald Bell in the Lost System) to the edge of the Andro-Beta Nebula. During the return flight, the KHREST II discovers the Celadon System. The seventh planet could serve as a logistics base. Lieutenant Finch Eyseman and the biologist Wai-Ming who study Celadon 7, a world of methane and ammonia, are subjected to the hypnosis of illusion crystals that gives them a false idea of their environment. Perry Rhodan and Jury Sedenko follow Eyseman and Wai-Ming and save them. The biologist survive solely because the crystals place him in a deep sleep, his space suit having been damaged at the time by a fall.

As the return flight to the secret satellite Troy continues, the KHREST II meets a dead Moby. When the vessel approaches the gigantic creature, it is engaged by a beam that absorbs its energy. A tractor beam brings it inside the Moby. The KHREST II is invaded by Twonosers (Two-noses). They are humanoid shaped with arms which are short and they possess two trunks provided with four fingers. Twonosers (Two-noses) have been positioned for millennia in the Andro-Beta nebula as guards by the "Masters of the Island". They are divided into three castes distinguished by the color of their trunks and are named White Noses (Trunks), Blue Noses (Trunks) and Red Noses (Trunks).

The Terrans pass themselves off as spacemen from Andromeda. An attempt to leave the KHREST II with planes fails. The entire crew of the Terran flagship is brought into captivity.

Michael P. Mahoney

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