2339 - Ein halber Mensch
A Half Man
Hubert Haensel

On February 24, 1345 NGE, the CALLER fulfills its purpose: A gigantic, mysterious object slowly appears in its proximity. The CALLER seems to be heavily damaged with this procedure, and it slowly drifts towards the sun, in whose orbit it was established.

Roi Danton and his three USO Specialists are brought in the meantime to Zerberoff and the Terminal Herald. Roi Danton is to be delivered to a special destiny, and transported for it to the Skapalm bark LUCRIFIR. His three companions have no further use to the Terminal Column and are disintegrated before Roi’s eyes.

On the Skapalm barks the Column performs experiments with the genetic and surgical change of all kinds of organisms, to make them more useful to the Column. The products of their unholy work are regarded as works of art, but many of the experiments fail and lead to monstrous results. The micro-Beasts are also bred in the Skapalm barks, but the most outstanding creation that the Column Anatomists produce are the Dual beings, such as Zerberoff. Roi Danton is to be converted into such an unnatural thing. Yrendir, a Mor'Daer Kalbaron, is to be the "other half" of this new being.

Roi Danton and Yrendir meet during the initial examinations. They despise each other at first sight. When the Terran understands, what the Column Anatomists intend to do, he thinks about suicide, because an escape seems to be impossible.

The Column Anatomists however, underestimate the effects of the cell activator. After the initial exam, Roi awakes from his narcosis earlier than intended and is able to free himself from his examining room. He succeeds in overwhelming two guards and releasing an explosion with the energy magazines of their weapons, which masks his escape for some period of time. Danton flees through the Skapalm bark and receives the unexpected assistance of Untar Gabu, a being, which resembles a slightly oversized Haluter, but who is not capable of hardening his body structure. The Column Anatomists obviously tried to breed an original “Beast”, but did not completely succeed. Untar Gabu is now a garbage collector, a sad, peaceable and gentle being. He hides Danton in his primitive accommodation and even wants to help him escape from the bark.

Meanwhile Imarit Enkaraqon, the head of the Column Anatomists on the bark, send a troop of micro-Beasts on Danton’s trail, once they verify he is still alive. There is time pressure involved now, because Zerberoff announced his imminent arrival: The Dual Captain wants to observe the creation of the new Dual being personally.

Untar Gabu procures an old Mor'Daer spacesuit and radio for Danton. He wants to catapult the Terran into space with a large garbage capsule, to which nobody will pay attention. When Danton tells him about the Haluters, he asks to be allowed to accompany him. Danton agrees, but the escape of the two is stopped at the last second by an attack of the micro-Beasts, which tear Untar Gabu apart alive. Danton is again taken captive and taken immediately to his operation. Nothing can protect him now from the fate of being cut apart and be joined with another the Kalbaron into the new Daul named Dantyren.

jerry schneiderman 2006-09-26

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