2338 - Im Bann des RUFERS
In The Spell Of The CALLER
Arndt Ellmer

Roi Danton and his three USO Specialists penetrate unidentified to the inside of the CALLER. They deactivate their dark fields, so their Mor'Daer camouflage must be sufficient. While they try to find out what the purpose of the CALLER is and how one might be able to destroy it, they are identified several times as foreigners, but are able to prevent an alarm from being sounded. They are thus not pursued and able to move about the building site unimpeded.

They are able to understand hardly anything of what they see. Besides the typical totally enclosed High Tech the Terminal Column also makes use of much primitive technology, which permits the conclusion that the CALLER may only be intended for use once and will then be dispensable. They nevertheless manage to come up with some information. The CALLER is apparently a six-dimensional beacon, which is meant to send a pinpointing signal into another universe, in order to lead a so-called True Progress named Antakur of Bitvelt into the Milky Way.

The Dual Deputy Captain Malikadi, who is ambitious and full of hate for the Dual Captain Zerberoff speeds up the work on the CALLER. He requires the completion of the gigantic piece of equipment within three days. This period is actually kept to, and the CALLER is thereafter activated without a test run. Ultrahigh hyperradiation becomes sent and Strangeness effects develop - inside and in the direct surrounding field of the CALLER life slowly becomes no longer viable.

In the last moment the four USO people succeed in getting free of the CALLER. However the only vehicle available to use is a faulty Koffter. Another disk ship responds to his distress vehicle. Roi Danton believes first, that it is a space jet from the TRAJAN, but it turns out to be a Traitank. Roi and his companions are taken prisoner.

When Malikadi informs Zerberoff of whom the prisoners are, he is ordered to send them to Column Fort TRAICOON 0099.

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