2337 - Unter Prophozeuten
Among The Prophozeuten
Horst Hoffmann

In the headquarters of the New USO the captured Traitank rubble is being examined. Since the technology of the Terminal Column is totally enclosed according to the black box principle, no breakthroughs have yet been made. However four completely intact spacesuits cut for Mor'Daers were found - and these suits are equipped with dark field projectors. Camouflaged investigations using them are not possible, however, since each unit of the Terminal Column is able to locate a dark field.

Meanwhile knowledge that was gained in the year 1337 NGE in the area of the Antares Reef becomes useful, because it is observed that ships of the Prophozeuten are now involved with the building of an enormous, spherical object, which is designated by caught radiograms, as a CALLER. The Prophozeuten does not possess the means to locate a dark field. Therefore Roi Danton develops a plan to transfer four of his people to the building site using the Prophozeuten.

The CALLER is being built on instruction of a Terminal Herald. He informs the Dual Captain that the True Progress Antakur von Bitvelt is on his way into the Milky Way. He comes from a proto-chaotic universe and is dependent upon the signals of the CALLER, in order to find his way. Enormous quantities of hypercrystals are needed for this object. The Prophozeuten are assigned to supply a part of these crystals. One of the suppliers is Elraum Prince Murál, who is right in the middle of a throne battle for the right of succession. His father, the present Idol of their Rocket (i.e. the family clan), lies dying, and Elraum must become generally accepted against his greedy, intriguing sister. On the way to the Column factory TRAIGOT-0313, which he is to supply with hypercrystals, he discovers the wreck of a small Terran ship. When he examines it, in order to tear out all its usable technology, the TRAJAN suddenly emerges and chases away the Prophozeuten. Elraum does not suspect that four Terrans have followed him from the ship in the protection of their dark field projectors - Roi Danton and three more USO Specialists, who stow away on the Prophozeuten ship.

There they become witness as assassins attempt to murder Elraum on behalf of his sister. The prince keeps the upper hand, but one of the assassins returns to the hangar, in which Roi and his people are hiding, and tries to set off a bomb. Roi does not have choice and must paralyze the Prophozeuten. This weapon shot does not remain hidden from Elraum’s people, and so the people from the USO are discovered. However their space suits were modified in such a way that the impression is aroused, that Mor'Daer are inside them, not humans. In the role of such a reptilian being Roi puts the prince in his place - he portrays himself as a supervisor from the Terminal Column and demands an accounting for the assassination attempt. Elraum is intimidated by the Mor’Daer’s attitude and promises to do anything he wishes if he will only stay silent about the incident on the ship. In this way, the USO agents make it to the CALLER.

When Elraum finally returns to his Rocket, the old Idol is already dead. Elraum mounts the throne and confronts his sister with the captured assassin. In this way he makes it possible to exclude her from ever taking the throne and convinces her to work for him instead.

jerry schneiderman 2006-09-14

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