2335 - Das Geheimnis der Enthonen
The Secret of the Ethones
Leo Lukas

January 3, 1345 NGE begins as breakfast is taken in the HOPE, and then Kantiran continues his report:

The plenary assembly runs according to plan - according to the Ethones’ plan. Four thousand Peace Drivers appeared, there were eternally discussed matters, particularly the Negasphaere, but everyone just talks around the crux of the matter, i.e. the demand to leave behind or at least loosen the highest maxim of the Peace Drivers to not proceed actively against the higher powers. It eventually becomes too much for Kantiran and he finally ends up being the one to confront the matter head on. He ends up receiving a polite dressing down and brushing off by the highest ranking Ethone, Borgin Sondyselene. This Ethone persists in upholding the statutes and will not suffer any dissent towards them. Thus the plenary assembly is shut down with a single blow. Kantiran ties one on with his friends at Hakken’s Shack and thereby ends up passing out with Ejdu Melia in her place.

A little later, in order to divert himself, he goes on a mission with some other Peace Drivers. This mission leads them into the proximity of Ganuya, where Alaska Saedelaere becomes continues to be active. After the completion of the mission, Kantiran flies to the station Inggaran, where he arrives nearly at the same time with Chyndor. In the area of the station, inside an old castle, the somewhat dissatisfied Peace Drivers discuss matters without the worry of being listened in on. On February 6, 1340 NGE they organize the "Negasphere Action Group", a secret organization within in the secret organization. Kantiran is voted its head and he begins to accept how much like his father he is. By the end of 1343 NGE about three hundred Peace Drivers have actively joined the NAG, and one hundred others sympathize with it, among them Alaska, who still feels too much obligated to the credo of the Peace Drivers. Kantiran however is the head of the NAG. In December 1343 NGE, Kantiran is back on Rosella Rosado and meets Ejdu Melia again, but does not recognize her standing right before him at first because the shape shifter and intuitive linguist has transformed into an Arkonide female! She has done so for him, but he rejects her because he knows that it is only an unconscious reaction to the loss of her former lover.

A little later, he begins a daring venture, as he reprograms a transmitter to take him to the prohibited moon Rosella Enthon, but is disappointed when he initially finds nothing remarkable there. He finds a few, predominantly old Varias and an infinitesimally small number of Enthones, who are frighteningly infirm and old. As he is about to give up, he meets an old and confused Varia; he calls himself the Tulipan and speaks his own strange babbling form of Thonish. Kantiran, who keeps himself hidden the whole time behind a deflector field, lets himself be seen, but nothing changes in the behavior of the old man. When Kantiran is about to disappear again, the old man expresses a name, "Kazzenkatt", filled with hate. The name rings a bell with Kantiran; it is the name of the Element of Control. The young half-Arkonide, finally finds a goal. But he cannot untangle the old man’s apparent babbling by himself. He therefore goes to Ejdu, who has finally mentally stabilized in her new Arkonide form and realized that she was wrong to chase after Kantiran. Together they go back to Rosella Enthon and Ejdu learns more about the past of the Enthones and Varias from the Tulipan.

Approximately two thousand five hundred years ago, a large league of races, which the Enthones and their helpers the Varia, fought on the side of the superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTORS against the Negasphaere of the Master of the Elements. This battle turned out to be a disaster, where the superintelligence and its troops were devastated, leaving only eight thousand nine hundred OREON capsules, three hundred twenty nine Enthones and some hundred Varias alive. LIGHT OF ANCESTOR died a little later, its body resting in the sun Rosella Rosado. This history is the reason for the prohibition against interference into the interests of the higher powers. The Enthones are still much too shocked by the events from that time. Together with the founding mother, who was an ally of the superintelligence and whose refuge was the Rosella Rosado system, the secret federation of the Peace Drivers was formed.

Kantiran informs the NAG of this history January 13, 1344 NGE, who have met again in their castle. Chyndor announces that he has brought a special visitor. After Kantiran has ended, the Nucleus of the monochrome mutants appears. It requests the Peace Drivers to place themselves against TRAITOR, but not in open battle; they are to be used as messengers and solicitors of aid in the width Universal Lane. They are also to be ready to respond when the Nucleus calls from the Sol system.

On February 12, 1344 NGE Kantiran returns again to Rosella Enthon. He is searching for the mysterious fog, which the old Varia had hinted at with the statement, “hope lies buried within the fog”. What Kantiran does not know, is that the Examiner is on his heels.

Kantiran locates the fog with the help of the Lamuuni and enters it. He finds a statue of a young Enthone female; it is the spitting image of Samburi Yura. He also finds the Advowson kneeling behind the statue. They surprise each other, and Borgin Sondyselene orders Kantiran to disappear immediately, but the star bastard is hot under the collar, and instead peppers him with questions for which he wants answers now. The Examiner, who turns out to be the Peace Driver Polm Ombar, suddenly arrives and informs Kantiran he is under arrest.

Before the Examiner can take Kantiran away, the Advowson decides to answer Kantiran’s questions. It turns out that the daughter of the Advowson was the first and only Ethone child born after the disaster and represented all their hopes for a new beginning. This daughter was Samburi Yura. But a cobalt-blue cylinder showed up, and Cairol the Second announced that the Cosmocrats had noted the activity of the Peace Drivers. They were not certain if they wanted to suffer the existence of this organization. A deal is made, which Samburi Yura readily agrees to, where she joins the service of the Cosmocrats and the Peace Drivers are allowed to continue their work, as long as they do not interfere with the forces of Order. If they ever do, the Ethones will be wiped out.

After the history is finished, the Examiner takes Kantiran away. His career as a Peace Driver appears to be over, but on the way back the young man manages to convince Polm Ombar that the Negasphere Action Group is justified in their actions and that he should join it.

On October 15, 1344 NGZ the Peace Drivers return to the castle, which they call Inggaran’s Nest, in honor of the Peace Driver who built it. The Lamuuni, who has been ill since the Nucleus had shown up, suddenly chokes out a glowing spark, a part of the Nucleus! This spark sends out a telepathic message to the Peace Drivers informing them that they must send an OREON capsule to the Earth immediately. The spark then dissolves and the Lamuuni vanishes and does not return.

With the agreement of the Examiner, Alaska and Kantiran break the rule of the Peace Drivers about not returning to their home area and leave for the Milky Way with the RESEARCHER. But they will not actively intervene against the Chaos forces.

With that, Kantiran ends his report. It is just in time, because a messenger suddenly arrives with the news that two more Chaos Squadrons have shown up outside the crystal screen surrounding the Sol system…

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