2334 - Im Auftrag der Friedensfahrer
By Order of the Peacedrivers
Leo Lukas

Now that Alaska Saedelaere’s story is done, it is Kantiran’s turn to continue it from his point of view. It begins on July 16, 1337 NGE, when Alaska lands on Parrakh near Satrugar and speaks to Kantiran. The mask bearer was sent by another Peace Driver, Chyndor, but the recommendation came from the Nocturnen obelisk. Since the mask bearer does not know the young half Arkonide personally, he is completely impartial towards him and thereby already “wins” the meeting from the first instant, as Mal Detair sorrowfully notes. Perry Rhodan’s son comes along aboard the RESEARCHER, and the two people who are very different, but still similar in their convictions, go to Rosella Rosado.

On the way Alaska Saedelaere reveals more about the secret society to Kantiran. He admits that the current form of the society emanated from a far larger group. The Enthones and the Varia belonged to it, among many other races. This league had fought a long time ago against troops of the Chaotarcs and had lost the fight. The league was smashed. This is where the oath of the Peace Drivers, to stay away from anything involving the interests of the higher powers, whether Chaotarc or Cosmocrat, comes from.

They arrive in the Rosella Rosado system at the end of October. Kantiran becomes acquainted with Thonisch and the mental control of the ship, which he manages the latter very quickly; he apparently owes this to his psi-ability of instinct telepathy. The Heat Legion passes through Kantiran without problems, whereas the mask bearer is always examined a little longer. While Alaska leaves the RESEARCHER, in order to procure the order for Kantiran’s initiation, Kantiran wants to learn what takes place outside of the ship, as he is curious. He produces a simple sensor and turns it on, which is naturally discovered immediately and announced by MIRKET directly to the Examiner. Kantiran gets a bit disturbed over the fact that a message went immediately to the highest authority, passing over Alaska, but Alaska is fine with it.

They then leave for Kantiran’s initiation test: It is to travel with a group of Peace Drivers to the galaxy Zheiranz, in order to see what is happening there. The Shazzorien living there are particularly well known as prospectors and dealers in hypercrystals. In the past, the Peace Drivers had kept them from extinction during a confrontation. As a result, the “eternal agreement” had been proclaimed by the Shazzorien. They would from then on supply the Peace Drivers with as much high-quality crystal as they needed. But since the increase of the hyperimpedance these deliveries kept growing smaller, until they finally dried up completely.

During a stopover at Lasses Ipes-Uper another Peace Driver ship joins the convoy of eight others; it is the ASH AFAGA, the ship of the Examiner. It is the only ship that possesses a two tined attachment used to disable other Peace Driver ships, and is a somewhat darker green than the normal Peace Driver ships.

Starting from November 25, 1337 NGE the Peace Drivers get down to work in Zheiranz. The mission lasts until December 1337 NGE, and Kantiran, who fulfills his task as team leader beyond everyone’s expectations, clears the case up. It turns out that the Peace Driver Wilon Vass had been manipulating the Shazzorien on a long-term basis, in order to force them into a certain form of economic thinking. After Kantiran uncovers the plan, the Examiner intervenes and is going to excommunicate the Peace Driver, who in his own way thought he was doing something good for the organization, from the community. Vass commits suicide instead. After the manipulations are undone, Kantiran has passed the initiation test.

On December 24, 1337 NGE the consecration of Kantiran as a Peace Driver takes place, led by an age-old Enthonen named Fincan Kaldori. In a long running speech, the Peace Driver ‘nan Si praises Kantiran for, among other things, his high-standing ethics. Afterwards Rhodan’s son selects his own OREON Capsule, whose on-board computer is named ILKAN, and Kantiran christens the ship with the name THEREME.

After this, the paths of Alaska and Kantiran separate; Alaska goes to Hangay, where he wants to observe the prelude of the Negasphere with Chyndor, while Kantiran remains at first in the Rosella Rosada system, picking one of the houses for himself and learns how life runs on the residential moon. He hangs out with the Peace Driver Auludbirst and notices that not all the Peace Drivers live as reservedly as Alaska Saedelaere. In "Hakken’s Shed", Kantiran is cheered.

In the following year Kantiran works with Auludbirst and other Peace Drivers from the clique at Hakken’s Shed on various missions, until he meets with Alaska again in the middle of January 1339 NGE at the Inggaran station. Alaska has gloomy news about Hangay. Meanwhile, Chyndor has written and sent off a petition to the Advowsons of the Peace Drivers from many of the Peace Drivers, to take active measures in Hangay against the approaching Negasphere.

On January 19 a message arrives at the station, saying that the Advowsons have called a plenary assembly. It begins on March 30, 1339 NGE in the Rosella Rosada system...

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