2333 - Die Universale Schneise
The Universal Lane
Michael Marcus Thurner

Alaska Saedelaere continues telling his story...

Alaska follows the peace driver Xa-Va-Riin Qaar to his ship, the RESEARCHER. He accompanies the old Artuche on a peace mission in the galaxy Ganuya, with which a conflict between two battling races is settled. They then finally head for the base of the Peace Drivers. On the way he learns something about the group. The Peace Drivers are a rather loose union of idealists and individualists, who carry out their work as secret federation.

They do not have a taut military organizational structure and few firmly defined rules. The most important one is: Where powers of Order and Chaos are active, the Peace Drivers do not intervene. In addition, in their sphere of influence the Peace Drivers want to ensure peace between all the races. The certainly do not serve the higher powers, but neither do they fight against them. The Peace Drivers fight for "life itself".

The Peace Drivers were created by the Enthones and their legendary “Founding Mother” (who is apparently now no longer active). The Enthones still stand at the top of the hierarchy though. The Peace Drivers use the technology of this people, but cannot copy it.

The Peace Drivers can be active only along the Universal Lane, which extends from the Maelstrom of Stars, over the galaxies Erranternohre, Norgan Tur and the Milky Way until Algstogermaht, because only within this range does the Quarter Force work - and only with this force, about which the regular Peace Drivers do not seem to know anything, does the superior technology of the Enthones function.

At present there are approximately 4500 Peace Drivers. It is forbidden to for active Peace Drivers to return to the galaxy of their birth. There are now approximately 8100 of the typical spaceships used by the order, which they call OREON Capsules. Along the Universal Lane there are 550 stations to be found. Friendly races support the Peace Drivers, but the Peace Drivers do not depend upon them.

ES is not unknown to the Peace Drivers: A long time ago, the superintelligence put 18,000 androids at their disposal, which are able to mentally control the OREON Capsules and are used for missions too dangerous for regular Peace Drivers. At this point, there are only 10,000 of them left.

The home base of the Peace Drivers is in the Rosella Rosado system in the galaxy Altasinth, which lies in the Virgo Cluster. Only beings with a positive nature can fly into this solar system. The Heat Legion psionically examines anyone approaching the system. Whoever does not pass the examination, is forced away or destroyed. What this Heat Legion actually is, the Peace Drivers do not know. They seem to be energy beings or something similar, which can live in space. The examination of Alaska lasts an unusually long time.

The eight moons of Sumnat, the only planet of the sun Rosella Rosado, are all in a common orbit and therefore called the Moon Chain. The various needs of the Peace Drivers are fulfilled here, such as shipyards, living areas and so on.

Fumato is the residential moon for the Peace Drivers. The oracle moon Norena is the seat of the Oracle, the central Biopositronic of the Peace Drivers. On the Chapel moon Ospera new Peace Drivers are sworn in. The Sealed moon Rosella Enthon is reserved for the Enthones. When Alaska sends his Lamuuni out to the forbidden moon, the level teleporter returns without clear results.

Although Alaska does not agree with everything that concerns the Peace Drivers - for example that all Peace Drivers are observed and judged by the Examiner based upon the implementation of their goals, which do not always agree with their ideals – he agrees to his admission into the secret federation. Xa-Va-Riin is very relieved, because he recognizes a great potential in Alaska. In addition, he longs to retire, in order to finally return to his homeland and die there.

As a final test, Alaska receives the task from the Oracle to observe the galaxy Hangay along with other Peace Drivers. He hears the first reference here to the work of the Terminal Column TRAITOR in this galaxy and locates a kind spaceship, which moves with many thousands of times the speed of light in normal space. The meeting place of the Peace Drivers here is the station in the halo of Andromeda.

Alaska’s initiation takes place on March 21, 1313 NGE. Alaska meets an Enthone briefly before it. To his boundless surprise he recognizes that Samburi Yura belongs to this race.

Soon after, Xa-Va-Riin takes Alaska with him to Artuch in the galaxy Erranternohre, in order to end his life. Alaska takes over the RESEARCHER, whose central computer MIRKET seems to have its own consciousness, just like the self-willed Medo-robot Callebu. He continues the peace mission in Ganuya and the observation of Hangay.

In the year 1314 NGE the Peace Drivers learn that the Quarter Force no longer works in Hangay. This section of the cosmos is thus now blocked to them. They recognize however that the Terminal Column TRAITOR is working on the establishment of a Negasphere there.

When the Nocturnen Obelisk Satrugar makes the Peace Drivers aware of Kantiran da Vivo Rhodan, Alaska retrieves him from Parrakh in July 1337 NGE.

Alaska stops and tells his listeners that Kantiran must now continue the story...

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