2332 - Die Psychial-Werber
The Psychial Solicitors
Michael Marcus Thurner

On December 30, 1344 NGE, at 7:30 AM the system alarm rings once again through the Solar Residence and the entire Sol system. Beyond the TERRANOVA screen are still lurking the sixty-four Traitanks of the Terminal Column TRAITOR.

Perry Rhodan, who is sitting down for breakfast with Modra Diamond, receives a message and terminates the system alarm. The radio probes outside the system caught a radio message, meant for the Nucleus of the Monochrome Mutants. Perry asks Mondra to bring the message to Isla Bartolomé. Malcolm S. Daellian informs them that the message is highly encoded and cannot be cracked.

Mondra hands the message over to Fawn Suzuke, but Fawn will not tell you who has sent it. Only when Perry Rhodan appears with Gucky appears does the Nucleus become a bit more talkative. It announces that on January 1, 1345 NGE at 6 PM local time an envoy from the potential help for the Milky Way will arrive.

On January first, the envoy arrives. It is a single ship, which lands close of the island, and two people emerge from it. They are Alaska Saedelaere and Kantiran da Vivo Rhodan! Perry Rhodan is disappointed that it was not a contingent of battleships or something similar, but is still happy to see his friend and his son again. After the greetings of everyone present, including Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath, Alaska begins to tell his story:

On May 28, 1312 NGE the mask bearer, as well as Cairol the Third leave the SOL by a time well. At the other end of it, the two go their separate ways. Alaska had asked the robot about the whereabouts of Lady Samburi Yura, and in response Cairol reprograms the time well, before a cobalt-blue cylinder fetches him. As he is about to leave, Cairol tells the mask bearer to “follow the power", which means little to Alaska.

After the Cosmocrat robot has left, Saedelaere goes again through the time well. He comes out on an agrarian world. When he turns around, the time well has already gone out. By the Micropositronic of his SERUN Alaska learns that he is on the world 2-Olthugos in the galaxy Varratergir. The inhabitants call themselves Olthugs, and a nearby city is called Anda Ilth. The mask bearer goes there. He mixes in among the Olthugs and thereby meets the talkative and friendly Gntbn, whom Alaska ends up calling Gantenbein.

The native brings the mask bearer to a bar, where Alaska learns that something special is happening on the next day on 2-Olthugos. The Psychial Solicitors are coming. Gantenbein is going to Solicitors, but betrays no details on what will happen. Likewise, the other Olthugos also refuse to tell anything about what will happen on the next day. In the bar Alaska notices another offworlder, but the two do not introduce themselves. Gantenbein later takes Alaska home with him.

The next morning Gantenbein sends Alaska off, for he must prepare for the ceremony with the Psychial Solicitors. The mask bearer goes to the local market area, where he sees the stranger from the bar again. Alaska feels pursued by him and sends a few micro-probes after the man. But the foreigner notices this. The two then introduce themselves. The foreigner is an Empath and calls himself Xa-Va-Riin Qaar from the people of the Artuchen. The two exchange a little information about themselves, without either of them showing all their cards. Afterwards the two go on their ways. Alaska goes to the arena, which holds enough space for a hundred thousand Olthugos, where the Psychial Solicitors are expected.

When the stadium is filled, a Psychial Solicitor enters the interior of it; it is a fog-like being without a firm shape. This being sets up a kind of altar and over it floats what looks like a weak flame. Then thousands of Olthugos are led into the arena, and the crowd begins to chant ‘lCh'cealo’ over and over again. Alaska joins in also, and then something happens; the Olthugos in the arena die and their mental substance seems to merge with the flame, because it now burns more strongly.

Alaska is shocked and leaves the stadium, while the procedure is repeated several more times with new Olthugs.

The mask bearer decides to attach himself to the heels of the Psychial Solicitors. They go to the space port, where their ship lies, and he waits there. A woman asks him whether he is also waiting for the "entry". Alaska is confused, but when he brings Ch'cealo into the discussion, the woman abruptly turns away, as if he was doing something blasphemous. Alaska therefore has no choice but to wait and see what happens. On the next day with the sunrise many thousands of Olthugos appear near the spaceship. It turns out that all are family members or friends of those "taken up" and will accompany the Psychials to the ceremony at "Ch'cealo’s Path", which will take place on the trade planet Ch'anrangun. Alaska joins their ranks and is accepted as a friend of Gantenbein.

On Ch'anrangun more Solicitor ships arrive from many planets of the galaxy. And then, when all the relatives and Solicitors come together, the LUMINOSITY ,which recognizes Alaska immediately, arrives with the Lady Samburi Yura. The mask bearer wants to make his presence known to her, but his SERUN shuts down all but its essential functions. The ceremony takes place where the Cosmocrat aide takes on the five thousand flames of the Psychial Solicitors onto the ship. Alaska despairs. He then sends the Lamuuni, who still accompanies him, to the mysterious woman. As the Lamuuni materializes near her, she waves it away but becomes attentive of the mask bearer. She lets him come to her. Alaska expects answers and actually gets some. CH'CEALO is a superintelligence that watches over Varratergir, who must be strengthened, in order to survive the forthcoming rise of the hyperimpedance.

Addressing the question of the fragment under his mask, she informs him that everyone wears a mask; he only wears his visible to all. She also tells him that he has a chance for a great destiny. Then she says good-bye, and the LUMINOSITY leaves Ch'anrangun. Alaska stays behind, with no idea of what to do next, when he is called. It turns out to be Xa-Va-Riin Qaar. It turns out he was trailing the Psychial Solicitors in order to try and find out what Lady Samburi Yura was up to. Alaska is surprise that Xa-Va-Riin Qaar knows about her. Once Alaska brings him up to speed, much to the man’s relief, Xa-Va-Riin Qaar asks Alaska to join him as his companion on his ship. He wants to tell Alaska more about himself, because he is looking for a successor for himself. It turns out that Xa-Va-Riin Qaar is a peace driver.

Far after midnight, Saedelaere interrupts his report for a short meal, before he continues…

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-07-28

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