233 - Geheimsatellit Troja
Secret Satellite Troy
K.H. Scheer


07 2402. Using the transmitter of the Lost System, the Terrans are teleported into the micro-nebula Androbeta, 400,000 light years away. This micro-nebula, which looks like Androalpha, orbits around the Andromeda galaxy. In order not to draw attention upon them, the Terrans build a base inside an asteroid (Troja) found within the Lost System. Inside, he stores five super-cruisers, including the Khrest II, and sends the asteroid through the transmitter. Troya reaches a the system of Beta-Triangle, and Rhodan's plan is a success : the guardians of the Androbeta transmitter are not alerted by this innocent-looking asteroid, probably captured by mistake by the transmitter.

Some time later, the asteroid is swallowed by a Moby, a kind of living planet. These Mobies are the super-guardians of Androbeta, and wander about the nebula, swallowing everything that goes by. As they are about to be "digested", the Terrans kill the planetoid from inside and are able to escape.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On 2 July 2402 the invasion of the small Andro-Beta galaxy, near Andromeda begins. The secret satellite Troy, a hollow asteroid of eight hundred thirty kilometers in diameter, arrives (by way of the Lost System transmitter) in the triangle transmitter of Andro-Beta, composed of three gigantic blue suns. In the hangars of Troy are the ANDROTEST III (PROMETHEUS III) and five combat vessels: KHREST II, THORA II, ALARIC, NAPOLEON and IMPERATOR. All five are equipped with two stage propulsion units in order for them to achieve an effective range of a half million light-years.

Shortly after their arrival in Andro-Beta, the Terrans meet a Moby, an inorganic creature of fourteen thousand kilometers in diameter. It swallows Troy. The Mobys come from Andromeda and have been installed in Andro-Beta by the "Masters of the Island". Their instinctive brains can be programmed with data in order to perform specific tasks. The gigantic creatures drift in space and feed themselves with pure energy. The crew of Troy is attacked by energy creatures that form the antibodies of the Moby. Pucky realizes that the Moby is contaminated by bioparasites and is near death. These bioparasites are responsible for the death of Andro-Beta's super-guards of which Grek-1 spoke. The Terrans ally themselves with the bioparasites and the twin Woolvers destroy the instinctive brain of the Moby. Troy leaves the dying Moby through an opening in the back of the gigantic creature.

Michael P. Mahoney

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