2328 - Mission der SOL
MIssion of the SOL
Frank Borsch

At the beginning of January 1330 NGE, the SOL reaches Hangay. Their initial course leads to Vinau, the main planet of one of the most important Kartanin empires in the galaxy. There they meet with Gyon-T'an, old war master who now stands at the head of the empire, asking him for help in the battle against the threatening Negasphere. But they get no help. The peace before the storm rules in Hangay, as Dao Lin H'ay and Ronald Tekener learn from the regent of the Vinau Coalition. This hopeless situation arises from a strange terrorist action which shook the galaxy at the beginning of April 1329 NGE. In a peace conference of all the empires of Hangay it came to a cruel bloodbath to which practically all the participants fell victim. The unknown aggressor acted invisibly; no monitoring camera or other device supplied even the smallest clue of who they were. Since this act, peace has slipped far into the distance again, and the Kartanin want to hear nothing about another threat.

The SOL receives the delegates of many empires, but all of them turn a deaf ear to the subject of the Negasphere. They also harvest a refusal from the emperor of Karapon, but the young emperor who lost his sister and father in the conference, hands Dao over a data crystal. Only two pieces of information are contained in it: a picture of a blurred foreign disk shaped spaceship, and the other is a disk-shaped space giant of 40 kilometers of size.

Dao is frustrated; a long time has passed, and they are already in the middle of August 1331 NGE. Then a discovery is made by Blo Rakane with the further developed ultra-giraffe. In the Duff system near the giant black hole Athaniyyon, the scientist discovers a station that is estimated to have an age of between twenty to fifty thousand years. There the Haluter pulls up a message from a console in an ancient language, which does not come directly from Hangay, but from a former neighboring galaxy in the Tarkan universe. The language is called Irthuin and the message is: " I bid you welcome on Sunlight 18. My name is Virhug Vial, and I hold the eternal watch over this star island. This galaxy is endangered. The physical prerequisites make it a preferred aim of the powers of Chaos. They will come and try to seize and transform it into a Negasphere.

Suddenly, fifteen disk shaped ships attack the station, which sends out a final radio call before it is destroyed. The SOL is allowed to escape undisturbed, as the disk ships do not pay attention to them at all. Blo Rakane works like a berserker and locates the addressee's system of the recorded radio impulse. It is the sixty-seven thousand light years removed Ultra system. It should be a flight of twelve hours for the hypertact-engine of the SOL. But the flight stretches out to over six days in length, as the rising hyperimpedance reaches for Hangay. The SOL still manages to reach its target system. On September eleventh it makes a daring approach run at Ultrablue, the cold, fourth world of the sun. The hyperimpedance reaches its climax, and the SOL begins to fall uncontrollably towards the surface, as all the Hi Tech technology on board completely fails. At the last moment Fee Kellind manages to set down the gigantic ship manually. The SOL has run aground, on an insignificant world in the halo of Hangay - on a world of Kartanin.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-06-28

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