2326 - Galaktische Dšmmerung
Galactic Twilight
Horst Hoffman

On November 1, 1344 NGE, Dual Deputy Captain Malikadi announces the TRAITOR Directive in the Arkon system. Nevertheless, the Deputy Captain cannot prevent fifteen thousand ships from fleeing from the Arkon system. The articles of the TRAITOR Directive are carried out with a heavy hand. The four hundred eighty-four Traitanks succeed in shooting one thousand of the fleeing spaceships.

The Arkonides, in the person of Shallowain the Hound proclaim the refusal of the Columnís claim to the system. Malikadi does not fall for Shallowain bluff that he would destroy Arkon I, Arkon II, Arkon III, Urengoll and the Naat moon Naator with sixty ships loaded with bombs in their orbits if TRAITOR continued to try taking over. Malikadi orders the ships destroyed by the Traitanks.

The Kralasene takes a transmitter path to his ship stationed on the edge of the Arkony system and manages to leave the Arkon system unhindered. He heads for the Imperator.

On the third of November the Solar Government meeting with Perry Rhodan makes the decision to initiate Operation Bermuda. All important research equipment, production plants and other facilities of the LFT are to be removed to one thousand twenty-four secret locations, thereby taken to safety away from access by the Terminal Column. The leader of this operation is Reginald Bull who initially struggles against leaving the Sol system. However, in the end, he sees that he is the best man for the management of the opposition beyond the Sol system as the Secretary of Defense of the LFT.

Bull first leaves with the LIEF ERIKSSON II and two ships that are to bring half of the 3,894 kilograms of HS Howalgonium stock from the Sol system to the Jonathon system in the Charon Cloud, in the protection of a diversion against the Traitanks surrounding the Sol system. In addition, the Jonathon system in the Charon cloud should be built up as a second base beyond the access of the Terminal Column. All the important researchers of the LFT should be pulled together there.

Bull flies with the LIEF ERIKSSON II to the Wega. There he draws off the complete LFT naval contingent. Thort Kelesh is horrified at first and smells betrayal, but Bull is able to persuade him of the fact that it is the best for the Wega system if it remains inconspicuous. Only so, can the secret of LINE ONE, which is vital for the isolated Sol system, remain protected.

Changes are also occurring over Lepso. The Treasurer, an undercover identity of Roi Dantonís, closes the Crystal Stock Exchange, in view of the menace of TRAITOR. He fears an attack of the Chaos servants, because the Crystal Stock Exchange clearly offends against the TRAITOR Directive. However, during the clearing of LE-Beautiful it comes to a revolt, because some criminals and turncoats do not want to shut down business and they take over the station. Danton warns them once more about the Chaos troops, but cannot convince them to leave.

With half of the bought up Howalgonium supplies, Roi leaves the station with the REIKING. The other half of the Howalgonium supplies is handed over to the LFT. At the end of November 1344 NGE, the Crystal Stock Exchange is destroyed by a Traitank, which then announces the TRAITOR Directive to Lepso.

In the middle of November Bostich I., who has left the Voga system with twenty thousand ships has arrived meanwhile at the red giant Ladon Deka in sector ARK-10.437, halfway between M-13 and Hayok. The free ships of the Arkonide Crystal Empire fleet have gathered in the detection protection of the sun without planets. Bostich looks at the problem of TRAITOR quite soberly. The Milky Way can be released of this yoke only by the collaboration of all the people, above all the Crystal Empire and the LFT. Therefore, he sends a messenger with an offer - ten Cantor sextants for the recordings about the application of the VRITRA-cannons in the Arkon system for the LFT.

On November 26th the LFT succeeds in smuggling ten spaceships from the Charon cloud into the Sol system. With a risky maneuver Perry Rhodan gets 50 kilograms of Salkrit, the treasure of the Seecharan, into the system. Before this, two hundred grams of Salkrit had been reloaded for the New USO onto a ship bound for Quinto Center.

In M-13 meanwhile, Traitanks destroy the whole positional transmitter network of the Crystal Empire.

On November 28th Bull meets Bostich. It is clear to both that only a collaboration of Terra and Arkon can bring success. Therefore, Bull accepts the Imperatorís offer, and ten Kantor sextants are handed over in return for the data crystal with the recordings of the fight in the Arkon system. One of the VRITRA-cannons created by Aktakul had generated some kind of effect in the fractal rip sheath of the Traitanks, the first beginning point for the development of a counterweapon against it.

In addition, Bull presents another offer to Bostich. The LFT wants the Arkonideís scientists to also come to the research base in the Charon cloud. In addition, Aktakul should take over the scientific leadership of the base, because Malcolm S. Daellian is bound to the Sol system by Rhodanís order. After a short time to reflect, the Imperator agrees.

While the galactic twilight begins to fall everywhere in the Milky Way and the TRAITOR Directive is pitilessly carried out, the Earth succeeds in transferring a tiny amount of Salkrit over LINE ONE to the Wega system. Daellian, who accompanies the transport reaches the Wega system dead, but can be revived. It turns out that he cannot go through a transporter conscious, because the shock is too great for the remains of his body.

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