2325 - Der verbotene Krieg
The Forbidden War
Arndt Ellmer

In the Eastside war has ruled since the hyperimpedance shock. It is, most of all, about hypercrystal deposits. The Gatasers want to hold supremacy again, but it is not easily accomplished, because alliances are overturned almost as quickly as they are arranged.

Admiral Fylynder Veyt is an important man among the Gatasers. He has quickly risen up the career ladder and hopes to be promoted to Marshal through a few more coups - the highest rank in the hierarchy of the Gatasian armed forces.

During all this turmoil the Blues races are in search of their Ur God, who has supposedly accepted the form of a Blue and be on his way on one of the Blues worlds. Even the secret services are behind him. And Admiral Fylynder Veyt finds out during a short visit on Gatas that the scientist of the Gatasers have succeeded in using the B-Hormone of Blues children under to stabilizing the purple Criipas and red Khalumvatt hypercrystal to 54.3% of their pre-hyperimpedance effectiveness.

On Gatas a supposed trace of their Ur god is found. In a park a nature photographer had taken a blurred photo of a Blue, and later murdered. And the cook Sayzlüt who by chance also observed the being was also murdered.

Meanwhile the Mor'Daer Kalbaron Trester is commander of TRAICOON 0355. On the one hand he is pleased with the attitude of the Blues in battle, but on the other hand he is also surprised about the bullheadedness shown by the races. But altogether he can absolutely imagine that the Blues would make a good addition to the races of TRAITOR.

The Column-Forts, which has been hidden until now behind their dark screens, suddenly emerge by all the important Blues worlds, as do the Dark Obelisks, which were also hidden. Trester announces the TRAITOR Directive to the Jülziish, but they are not bothered much by them. Instead, they repeatedly attack TRAITOR units. In return, the Column destroys the Blues command ships and begins to prevent any new flare-ups of violence with force of arms. On Gatas the government sector is destroyed and the government is thereby extinguished. Admiral Fylynder Veyt, the highest Gatasian in the armed forces after this action, is promoted to Marshal by the new government and receives supreme command. He then immediately works out a secret resistance plan, but the execution of this is difficult and in fact completely prevented by the Column which acts with undercover micro-Beasts.

Trester, who considers the current action against the Blues closed as of November 15, 1344 NGE reports to the Dual Captain Zerberoff and now decides to use Column-Motivators to affect the leading Blues.

The Jülziish cannot be beaten down by this. Government members are inexorably killed by the secret service if an influencing is discovered. For this reason, the affected Fylynder Veyt is killed by the agent Hüyi, who he knows under the name Miinzysh.

As it turns out, Miinzysh discovered that the supposed Ur God was actually a Koda Ariel and killed it.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-06-15

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