2324 - Traitanks über Drorah
Traitanks Over Drorah
Hans Kneifel

Forman tan Porgenia is the Ma'tam of the Akonian Empire. He belongs to the Energy Command, the Akonian secret service, like each of the governing councilors does. The Energy Command has taken over the whole council in a creeping infiltration; since 1340 NGE it is completely in the hands of the secret service. But the situation for the Akonians did not thereby become worse, for now the eternally arguing nobles have been replaced by decision makers who are all aligned. There is no opposition, because the Energy Command is still active against any opponent of the regime. Only an insignificant group of demonstrators without real supporters exists. This group is led by Dorn Tevomor, who is part of the crew that discovered the Lemurian generation ships (see the Lemuria mini-series).

On the first of November the open campaign by TRAITOR begins against the Akon system, but before this, a Dark Obelisk had already landed directly before the government palace. The dark screen of the Column-Fort TRAICOON 0031 falls, and four hundred eighty four Traitanks of the Chaos squadron make their way into the system. Two thousand ships of the Akonians, which have dealt relatively well with the hyperimpedance situation, go to confront them. But the success of the Akonian fleet supported by Baalol Antis is non-existent. Not one Traitank is even damaged, while hundred of Akonian units are utterly destroyed.

After this demonstration of power, the Kalbaron Gherrzon announces himself on the radio net and sends system-wide message in Intercosmo. He confronts the Akonians with the seven articles of the TRAITOR Directive. It becomes clear to the council that it must go underground. Forman tan Porgenia arranges for all the members of the Energy Command to attach mines in important points in the system, to be able to strike from secret in neuralgic points. Unfortunately, the Koda Ariel family, which has already been on Drorah for some time, gets wind of this and announces it to the Kalbaron. He in return sends some micro-Beast troops in dark capsules which go on the hunt in the protection of their dark screens for the heads of the governing council.

The Energy Command succeeds in attaching four thousand four hundred and twenty mines and handing over the ignition codes to the Ma'tam, who is already in his undercover identity. But the micro-Beasts are after him and his colleagues and acquaintances - the Ma'tam finds everyone he tries to contact dead. Driven into a corner, he hands over one of the two impulse givers for the fuses to Dorn Tevomor. Dorn is initially confused, but Forman has no time left for explanations. All he can do is give the opposition leader a name of someone to take the impulse giver to. Shortly after this, he is confronted and killed by a micro-Beast.

Tevomor proceeds to the contact man, but only finds five corpses there. Horrified he returns to his own house, still unclear about what he is holding with the package. Meanwhile, Traitanks come down to Drorah and approach the Dark Obelisk…

jerry schneiderman 2006-06-09

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