2323 - Kinder der Erde
Children of the Earth
Horst Hoffmann

On October 30, 1344 NGE the regular operation of the BACKDOOR transmitter path is taken up. The first goods that arrive on Terra are improved modules for the Kantor sextants, which are supplied by the New USO. With it a Psionic jet ray is located going from Sol to the Isla Bartolomé: the Nucleus is tapping ARCHETIM’S corpse, like Gon-Orbhon did earlier, in order to gain energy.

The Dual Deputy Captain Zarmaur continues to besiege the Sol system. He waits for the day on which, according to Zerberoff’s order, he may begin a large-scale attack on the system: November first. A group of another one hundred seventy-eight Traitanks is expected, but late.

A civilian freighter convoy materializes on the edge of the Sol system. Zarmaur corrals the ships and herds them with his Traitanks towards the TERRANOVA screen in an attempt to make Perry shut it down. But Perry Rhodan remains inflexible: He does not deactivate the screen, and the freighters are destroyed or sent to a para-reality when they touch it.

When Zarmaur’s reinforcements finally arrive on November second, the attack on the Sol system begins. The TERRANOVA screen threatens to break down, but then the Nucleus steps in. It has filled up with enough energy to stabilize the screen, so that it stands firm, although all the Traitanks attack it. Zarmaur is forced to withdraw. Fortunately, he does not know that the Nucleus would not be capable of such an act a second time. This was the reason for Fawn Suzuke’s secretiveness all this time: TRAITOR could not be allowed to learn that the children of the Earth have returned to take responsibility for the people they originated from.

While all this is happening, the surviving Koda Ariel form converter smuggled himself on Isla Bartolomé. He affects the crew of Mondra Daimond’s space jet, which is parked near the Nucleus. He orders them to blow up the jut, which should either badly injure or destroy the Nucleus. But Marc London perceives that a Suggestor must be at work on the island and the disaster is prevented. The form converter is paralyzed and captured, but the Claw of the Laboraten released a cellular poison in him and kills him.


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