2320 - Terra im Psi-Schauer
Terra in the Psi-Shower
Arndt Ellmer

Fawn Suzuke has almost completely stabilized again. She explains that she is to be a kind of guide. For what, however, she does not say, only that she must find the correct locale. The projection of the Nucleus begins the search for the correct locale together with Marc London and Mondra Diamond, who serves as pilot and the representative for Perry Rhodan. The date on Terra is October 8, 1344 NGE.

While the search stretches on and on, there are mysterious events occurring elsewhere and mysterious pursuers following the three. The authorities theorize that TRAITOR is behind all of this. After some days they become impatient in Terrania, but no results come yet. From time to time Fawn feels disturbed by Marc, but must remain near her, and because he feels completely in love with her, he wants to also. While in Terrania they come in contact with a top secret building with the name ESCHER.

In Greenland the problem with the pursuers is solved, as it turns out to be representatives of a media mogul. On October 10th, Fawn Suzuke finds the correct locale for her needs on the Galapagos island of Isla Bartolomé. It turns out that the Nucleus is to appear there and manifest itself. But the mental being comprised of thirty-four thousand former monochrome mutants needs help as a buffer for its mental energy. Suzuke sees this help coming from the Schohaakes. They agree and the arrival of the Nucleus on Terra begins. While this process is going on, the news of Arkon’s fall arrives on Earth via the radio relay. According to Fawn Suzuke even more worlds will fall, but Terra may not be allowed to be one of them.

On October 14th the last mental fragments arrive on Terra. When the Nucleus is complete, it speaks to Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Marc London. The Nucleus explains that IT had to leave his thickness concentration on account of the developing Negasphere in Hangay. Therefore, the thickness concentration has now been orphaned. Furthermore, the lines of force of the universe are shifting, and it is therefore nearly impossible for positive entities to operate in this area. The servants of the Cosmocrats are also prevented from helping in the close to medium-term future. But mankind has more friends than it believes. An extra-galactic power is on its way, called by the Nucleus.

As October 16th begins, the stars over Terra go out. The TERRANOVA screen is back in operation. The plan intends for it to stay up for ten days.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-05-10

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