232 - Die Zeitfalle
The Time Trap
Clark Darlton


Rhodan asks Bell to join him with his fleet and together, they face and defeat the Maahks. But as they come nearer to the transmitter, Gucky's ship triggers a time trap, and he is cast one thousand years back in time, while the Masters of the Island were attacking the planet. Thanks to Gucky, the Masters of the Islands suffer heavy losses and some of the Maahks manage to survive. Gucky is able to come back into the present, and Rhodan is finally able to make peace with the Maahks by convincing them they were not sent by the Masters of the Island.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

After a time limit of eight days, Reginald Bell follows the KHREST II with 322 vessels to the Lost System. When fights with the Urals take place, Pucky brings Beukla, the chief of the Maahk mutants, aboard the KHREST. Peace is restored.

The green energy shield of the control asteroid Caliph is removed thanks to the use of bombs. The corvette C-5 of Don Redhorse with Pucky and the twin Woolvers aboard is seized by a temporal field and projected one thousand years into the past. The Terrans help the Maahks of Kulloch (Kohnla) when the punitive expedition of the "Masters of the Island" arrives to destroy their planet. Pucky receives the name "The Everywhere Killer" from the Methane Breathers and this name and the legend associated with it would survive and still be remembered one thousand years later by the Urals.

Rakal Woolver returns to the present while following the energy current of the temporal field. He plants a bomb that destroys the temporal generator and permits the C-5 to come back into the present.

Michael P. Mahoney

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