2319 - Die Siedler von Vulgata
The Settlers of Vulgata
Titus MŁller

Vanderbeyten is a natural, peaceful world. In the fifth century NGE a Terran sect settled here. They named their settlement Vulgata and swore against the use of any advanced technology. They used the Christian Bible as the model for their society, but this knowledge fell into oblivion in the course of time. At current time only the ruling patriarch disposes of a hidden copy of the Bible. The message of Christianity has been perverted in the course of the centuries. The patriarch ruled dictatorially, and rules with five hundred and twenty commandments that cover every aspect of life.

Every few decades LFT ships have come to suggest various trade deals or treaties, but the patriarchs have rejected these offers in each case. After the most recent of these contacts, a few years after the hyperimpedance shock, a scandal occurs. Fifteen year old Arrick Aargrefe listens in on the meeting between the Patriarch and the Terrans. He is caught and having heard too much, is declared a rebel by the Patriarch.

The Patriarch attempts to force him to spy on the other settlers, in order to discover who else is a troublemaker. He buys himself time by agreeing. Eventually, he steals his way into Genesis House, where the Patriarchs have always hidden technology given them by the Teran spaceships. He wants to carry of a radio to call back the Terrans to help him against the Patriarch. While searching, Arrick finds a copy of the Bible, written in Intercosmo. It fascinates him and he takes it with him.

Arrick is discovered during his heist, and forced to leave the settlement for good. Over time, others who do not fit into the settlementís life join him. He tells them the truth about the Patriarchsí tyranny and preaches the Bible to them.

Some years later, the Galchines emerge. They are deserters of the Terminal Column TRAITOR. The task of their race within TRAITORíS ranks no longer exists, and their peopleís population has fallen to one hundred and ten individuals. They finally fled the Column and steered their spaceship into the systemís sun. The frightening looking and predator descended beings are searching for asylum in Vulgata, because the settlementís world is of absolutely no interest to TRAITOR. It has nothing to offer the Column. But the Vulgater must hide the Galchines among them, so that TRAITORíS search teams cannot discover their mental impulses.

With effort and at the latter second Arrick succeeds in reminding the Terrans of Christian charity, and the fact that their ancestors themselves also searched for asylum, a refuge from the mechanized world.

They succeed in deceiving TRAITORíS mechanized thugs. But the robots destroy all technology that still exists on Vanderbeyten. They also the patriarch, who was trying to the Galchines with the help of the radio the Terrans had left him, in case of emergency.

Now, the Terrans and Galchines must learn to live in peace together.

jerry schneiderman 2006-05-03

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