2317 - Arkons Fall
Arkon's Fall
Uwe Anton

It is October 5, 1344 NGE, and Imperator Bostich I. announces how things stand in the Arkon system to the high nobility in the Council of Twelve. The Divine Empire is starting to unravel at its edges. In recognition of this, he institutes the measure of falling back to the term of the Crystal Empire again in formal statements as a morale booster. During the audience, a spaceship arrives from the LFT. It brings two Kantor sextants for the Crystal Empire. While these devices are sealed and capable of working for only a certain time, with it Perry Rhodan shows that everyone is in the same boat and he, the Terran Resident, is determined not to leave the Milky Way to the Chaos powers from false pride.

Bostich orders one sextant installed in his flagship and hands over the other to Aktakul, his friend and Ka'Marentis. Aktakul is in a no-win position, as Bostich has required from him a weapon against the Fracatal rip sheath, but the scientist holds no hope for this attempt. Nevertheless, he works on the VRITRA-cannon, a weapon like the dissonance gun. However, at this time only prototypes are ready.

With the Kantor sextant, Bostich immediately locates the Arkon Column-Fort and three TRAICAH factories thrown in as a bargain. Shortly after this, a dark obelisk from the Chaos forces proceeds on its way directly to Arkon I. The Arkonides are not able to prevent its penetration into the system and landing directly on the Hill of the Ways. Directly after the landing the obelisk extends antenna like extrusions and starts to send bearing signals in the UHF spectrum.

As a result, on October 9th Bostich orders an attack on the Column-Fort, even though Aktakul is against it. As the Ka'Marentis predicts, it becomes an utter defeat for the Arkonides, who have approximately forty five thousand units destroyed, while the Traitanks of the opponent have no losses to mourn.

However, the fight has produced something. While eleven of Atakulís prototype cannons show absolutely no effect, the twelfth was what excited the cruel attention of the opponent. A slight change in the fractal rip sheath was measured. However, the bombardment of the twelfth gun did not lead to an actual danger for the Fort.

October 10th will come to be known as a dark point in the history of Arkon, as Bostich gives in to the superior strength of TRAITOR and orders the gradual evacuation of his forces from the Arkon system. His new headquarters, for hopefully only a short time, will be Zalit in the nearby Voga system.

jerry schneiderman 2006-04-20

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