2315 - Kampf ums Salkrit
Battle for the Salkrit
Micheal Marcus Thurner

In the Charon Cloud, Kempo Doll'Arym goes to the Charonii Council, stubborn old men who don't want to know anything about danger from outside or changes within the Charonii culture. When a structure-dolbe announces twenty-two gigantic spaceships are about to penetrate into the cloud, the argument comes to a head and Kempo declares that he and the Charon Corps are withdrawing from the overview of the Charonii Council. The council naturally does not accept.

In the meantime, Sheerdurn has learned and informs Kempo that Kempo’s father was a member of the Charon Box. It comes as a strong shock for the young structure pilot.

In order to meet the danger of the Charnaz Bakr Column-Factories, Kempo gathers all of the pilots, who have any of the explosive force gift, and leaves for the planetless sun Tsaba. There they wait for the occurrence of a structure-storm, which the Charonii want to use for their attack on the factories that will pass here.

As the Charonii take up station, the Charonii Srecno makes an assassination attempt on Kempo, acting on behalf of Kempo’s father-in-law Khal Pif'Deran. Kempo is shocked at how far the power of the Box extends.

Then the battle begins. Twenty structure-dolbes are opposing twenty-two TRAICAH-factories, giants 40 kilometers in diameter. The Charnaz Bakr does not see any problems arriving, but the Charonii slam down on them mercilessly. However, it requires the ultimate sacrifice of Charonii lives, a fact, which Kempo conceals from Atlan. Nearly the entire crew of the DORYNA falls victim from Kempo’s raging against the factories.

Only one TRAICAH giant stays out of the battle and sets course for the Golden system. With a last forceful act, and with help of a tiny quantity of Salkrit, Kempo destroys the ship, suffering violent pain. No further Charoniis die, but the agony Kempo suffers from the use of the Salkrit is great.

The young Charonii intends to transmit the footage of this battle to the media. It is meant to help cause change in the stagnated Charonii culture. He also concludes a firm pact with Atlan and the LFT. The VERACRUZ is brought to the edge of the Charon Cloud and sends two 2.5 kilograms cases of Salkrit to the waiting AUBERG and TABASCO, which are to bring the material to the Earth for study. Gucky and Marc London are also to return to the Earth, since their job is done in the Charon Cloud and their abilities are severely limited there anyway. The Charon Corps will furnish steady ferry service to the Golden system and the Jonathon system, where the LFT can set up a base. They will also drag a trading station into the Golden system, in order to take up the trade with the Seecharan. In return the LFT will supply technical knowledge and weapon and detection systems.

The VERACRUZ and Atlan remain in the Charon Cloud.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-04-06

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