2314 - Die Leben eines Seecharan
The Lives of a Seechran
Hubert Haensel

Atlanís SCARAB-1 is stuck on GRAANWATAH, and there he learns the history of the Seecharan, although since even more Technite ships are gathering around the asteroid, the situation doesn't look good for the passing on of this history beyond the present day. During the history lesson, Atlan supposes that the Kybbs smuggled in the first Technites in order to prevent the Protectors from getting the Salkrit they had arranged for the Seecharans to mine for them. After the Technites destroyed the trade station where the Charonii had been exchanging goods for the Salkrit, the Charonii had declared the Golden system off limits and the Seecharans had been abandoned to the Technite attacks.

The SCARAB-2, with Dr. Gregorian, returns to the VERACRUZ, after it receives a compressed radio message from Atlan. There, the consultations of the scientists run into quicksand, while Gregorian again secludes himself in his cabin and researches on his own.

When the attack on GRAANWATAH begins, all hope fades, but as the Technites begin their ground assault, they suddenly begin to self-destruct for no apparent reason. It turns out that Dr. Gregorian had returned with the SCARAB-2 and sent out the self-destruct instruction, which he had wrung out with laborious work from the half destroyed Technite that had been found in the mineshaft. He had figured that it had a fifty percent chance of working, so he took the gamble.

Later, on July 21, 1344 NGE the Seecharans return to free their former home world Rohalon, which the Technites conquered twelve thousand years ago, after IT had raised the hypercocoon. In addition, they give one hundred ten kilograms of Salkrit to Atlan.

However, since it is supposedly impossible to transport more than five kilograms at a time, the Arkonide decides to leave the two SCARABS in the Golden system as storage depots and prepares to leave with five Kilos. Later on the Charonii will tow a replacement trade station to the system.

On July 22, the Arkonide is considering the situation with the Charonii Council, which could prevent trade between the LFT and the Seecharans with their obstinacy against a treaty with the LFT. Without this agreement for relations, there can be no trade.

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-03-29

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